True Existence Is NOT What Is PERCEIVED | Robert Monroe & ROMC | Explorers Tape #07

In this unedited audio transmission, witness the profound exploration about the awareness of true reality with Code name: ROMC and Robert Monroe.

Join us on this enlightening voyage of soul evolution, perception, understanding emotions and the balance in healing.

(0:00) Consciousness, reality, and communication
• Participants explore different dimensions of consciousness through meditation and questioning.

(4:38) Reality, consciousness, and perception
• ROMC: Reality is a mind creation, not what's perceived by senses.
• ROMC argues that there are millions of realities due to individual perceptions of truth, leading to confusion and misconceptions about the nature of reality.
• ROMC claims most humans are one step beyond reality, leading to a narrow understanding of true consciousness.
• Soul explores various levels of reality, questioning the nature of existence.

(13:45) Soul evolution and reality
• ROMC: Souls create thought forms that distract them from their true nature.
• ROMC: Souls on Earth are trapped in false thought forms created by man, leading to a disconnection from true nature of reality.
• To break free, souls must get in touch with their higher self and pure levels of thought, which carry a powerful energy that can create unusual circumstances and give complete control over one's soul universe.
• ROMC explains how false realities are created and how they affect souls.

(22:45) Levels of consciousness and intuition
• ROMC emphasizes individual reality and growth through understanding higher self.
• The soul's true nature is revealed through traveling into deeper levels of consciousness, where words fail to express the true reality.
• ROMC: Intuition is key to understanding one's true nature.

(31:05) Intuition, meditation, and emotions
• ROMC emphasizes the importance of following one's intuition or "gut level" feelings to connect with a higher level of consciousness.
• Monroe and ROMC discuss ways to strengthen intuitive connections by clearing the mind and focusing on concentration.
• ROMC: Learning to let go and relax can help man connect with his true nature and release false thoughts.
• Meditation accesses higher self through emotional release.

(39:59) The importance of emotional release and sleep for spiritual growth
• Emotional blockages in the soul are released through rest and explored from a deeper state of consciousness.
• Dreams reveal emotional thought capsules, purifying them can reduce dream frequency.
• ROMC: Emotional blockages hold souls back, limiting their consciousness and reality.
• ROMC explains why humans need sleep, and how it's a part of their rhythmic process.

(49:02) Healing and balance in the mind and body
• ROMC explains that souls in touch with their higher self - vibrate at a different rhythm than those locked in the time realm, and this affects their need for sleep.
• Healing involves breaking down thought forms that create tension and friction and finding balance through love and energy exchange.
• ROMC expresses gratitude for the opportunity to work with Bob Monroe and the group and acknowledges the love and support surrounding their work.
• ROMC experiences emotional response during the session, with tears rolling down their cheeks.

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🎧 True Existence Is Not What Is Perceived | Robert Monroe & ROMC | Explorers Tape #07

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