Tips To Channel Angels And Guides!

JeffMara Dec 20, 2022

Podcast guest 671 is Saryon and we talked about channeling angels and guides. Saryon's research into UFOs, Ancient Civilizations, the Afterlife, and the Hidden History of the World took a dramatic turn during his first year of college when he started having out-of-body experiences. Research turned into exploration as he started traveling dimensionally, and through time, in the out-of-body state. Soon, he began receiving visitations from angels and ETs that showed him the Living Records of Earth and other worlds. Now, more than 25 years later, he's sharing what he's discovered through this unique journey and process of research, revelation, psychic exploration and spiritual contact. As an author, channel, and spiritual historian, Saryon is a guide to the portals and time capsules of living memory that are now opening, helping people attune to what is coming online in the human chakra system with his stories and information. His private channeled readings have touched the lives of people throughout the world, introducing people to their spiritual guides.  Saryon is the author of the book Roya Sands and the Bridge Between Worlds.

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