Thought Vibration by William Walker Atkinson

Existentialism Jan 20, 2021

This lecture really cements the understanding of what is attainable on the journey towards realization of who and what I AM. Here you will learn how to cast away the last remnants of false identification and illusion.

Personally, I can now understand that we need to let things happen, without fear and limitations. The saying; "I AM what I AM - I and the Father are One" is really the key to miracles and healing, understanding, completeness and mastery. You see that your physical means changes and becomes better and more fresh, you'll see that the changes comes from within, like anything else. Changes and Reality are intimately connected, they go hand in hand, like The Father and I.

There are so many hints and clues which describes the process of merging with your higher self, in which you really see what is possible and you have a hard time understanding that it is really happening, that what the Master said is utterly true and it really works, that we can change the world by changing ourselves into something better. It is not really known to man because it is new and fresh, a new variety of the Creators plan in progress, a new world if we can take it. I have see this new world forcing Its way from within and I can see that it is beginning to manifest without in the "physical" world which is not physical at all, the two states of consciousness are merging and becoming One. The Master has approached and the little I is bewildered though coming around and accepting the Master as He rises into the perceived reality, giving me the ability to see the inside and the outside at the same time, to see through the eyes of The Master, The Father, The I AM, the One I really AM.

Listen to this great helpful soul, listen and learn, you might be closer to the truth than you might think. I thought it was far away when It is close, actually it is a mild natural process without much interference and drama, the migration is almost without detection, it is natural and automatic but you need to understand what it is and why it is happening, then the fear and illusion dissipates and you become One once again.


Can you take it?

Actually, the material made public on this blog can liberate you from illusion and fear and if you understand you can change the world. The past week has been fantastic for me as I now can see further, understanding that everything is closer, you see, IT IS RIGHT HERE IT IS YOU.

What I also have noticed is that when you merge the higher younger self with the body you simply look young again, or younger, this is because you see the higher self rather than the illusory manifested self, the Real You is shining through and comes forward, transforming your illusory perceived world into what it really is. You have the ability to look young once again, because you are young inside, simply by accepting the true real YOU. What is within comes out replacing that which is outside, the inside becomes the outside and vice versa. It is really something to behold and you have to see it to understand it. It really is so, as told by the Masters.

Let the reality fill you up with reality and you'll see. Do not stop the progress out of fear, though this is what happens, you'll be free in no-time, as you are free already, just see it so. You'll be amazed how this process unfolds, it is a true marvel. Thank You Father for You and I are One.


Flemming Frederiksen

A Soul trying to keep steady by focusing on the love which is required at this particular point in time. Though it's hard, You are loved and all is progressing towards the goal! Learn and Grow!