This Man Is Able To Summon UFOs - Hard Evidence

Podcast guest 744 is Seth Levine and during this UFO podcast we looked at his UFO videos and more.

Seth Levine is a Star Seed who has experienced a life long contact and interface with many Interdimensional Races; he is well aware of his origin in terms of the central sun and his SOL stream which has held many positions in and above this game grid simultaneously.

Seth has realized that he is a catalyst in people's lives as a facet of the Higher Force here on Earth; and not only has he been Initiated into the Great Mystery; he also holds position to assist this process with others.

Seth is also a kambo practitioner; a multidimensional healer, he knows how to read the field on a multidimensional level; and also has proved it on certain levels of disclosure with the hard evidence we are going to share here in this Segment.

Seth's YouTube Channel:

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