The Way To The Kingdom By Joseph Benner

"Complete Unabridged Audiobook With Commentary" read by Brian Scott.

Let the birth commence and let us all shine in the Love of the Lord.

Brian Scott YT:
"In this inspirational manual, Joseph S. Benner offers heart guidance for Christians seeking to journey closer to the Lord.

As the title suggests, Benner expounds a series of instructions to set believers on the path toward spiritual harmony. Benner's belief is that the quest for God is a lifelong endeavor; not only must we attend church or walk pilgrimages, the importance of self-tutoring and a steady achievement of inner mindfulness towards the Lord is necessary.

Although Benner frequently quotes the Biblical scripture, much of his theory is rooted in modern discoveries about the human mind. He frequently alludes to the conscious and subconscious mind, and how it only through the correct unity of both towards the purpose of spiritual ascent that true, lasting success in gained in one's spiritual life. It is thus that The Way to the Kingdom is a work that unites both ancient scripture and modern thinking.

Chapters are devoted to the greatness of Jesus Christ, while others note the virtues and character which the Lord values, or discuss methods where readers may foster their inner spiritual growth. All have clarity and wisdom in their tone; Benner's gifts in communicating religious guidance shine throughout this text.

A classic since it originally appeared in 1932, The Way to the Kingdom is a continuation of Benner's earlier works, which builds and strengthens the foundations already set. This edition contains the four original appendices, each of which contains meditations and prayers to assist the reader further.

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