The Study No One Talks About

Did you know that the nucleotide sequence of DNA can be converted into music? In 1986, the Japanese geneticist Susumu Ohno discovered DNA music by converting the nucleotide bases G, T, C, and A to the musical notes A, C, G, and D, respectively. This intriguing revelation led to the question: if DNA can be translated into music, can music, in turn, affect or change our DNA? Sound, as we now know, possesses mass and has the ability to move matter. By delving into the study of cymatics and exploring the potential effects of music on DNA, we can begin to uncover the possibility of utilizing music as a healing tool.

0:00 Introduction
0:46 The DNA-Music Connection
4:05 Sound, Cymatics, and the Influence of Music on DNA
6:52 Sound, Vibration, and the Interaction with DNA
9:23 The Healing Power of Music: A Journey into Molecular Restoration
12:11 432 Hz, Isochronic tones, Binaural beats, and Solfeggio Frequencies
13:49 DNA-Changing Tones

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Music: Epidemic Sound and Artlist
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