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afterlife Jul 10, 2020
"What would it mean if you could communicate with “departed” loved ones and learn from scientists, great teachers, and others who have passed on but definitely not passed away?"

It is truly a pleasure to introduce the "Soul Phone"...? .. ehh what..."A Phone to the Dead"?

Having been interested in this since childhood, I finally see some progress on this matter. We may have a phone to the dead in a few years, with the help of those scientists already on the other side working towards a common goal. We also have MVP and other interference devices, but a phone which actually works in a two-way communication is probably a fact sooner than later according to Gary Schwartz, because "we have the A-Team working together with us such as Einstein, Tesla, Edison, and others". Please note that Edison also communicated via THE SCOLE EXPERIMENT and gave instructions on how to build a germanium (germanium-diode?) ITC device, please check that out as well.

Edison SCOLE diagram
Paranormal Photographic Evidence 8
This S-File shows some of the images obtained during photographic experiments.
link to the Edison photographic evidence

There is one concern though, that is that is this mixed with commercial interests? I think so and that is a shame, but again we all have to eat, right? After the technology has been created I'm sure that it can be replicated and we see cheap knockoffs eventually. Not everyone has enough money to buy even a phone. This technology should be so simple and easy to build, according to Edison's diagram from the SCOLE experiment, but I do not know what they are building as we speak, technology also progresses on the other side, sounds expensive though to do it in such a scientific manner. Lets see what the price is going to be? Make it reasonable, please. We need to heal the planet fast and let people use the device to learn about that life is eternal, but I'm sure that the word will spread fast once people hear about the possibility of communicating with people on the other side. Remember to share what you know.

Listen to Mr. Gary talking about this amazing project.

ITC devices has come a long way and we might finally see some proof of this. Please support the project if you have loads of cash. This piece of technology will eventually give proof of life after death and straighten out those who believe otherwise. We might actually get a world in which people think about others in a loving way because of the existence of life after death, because they are for sure going to meet those they hurt during their lifetime. It is my desire that we all get to know about the possibility of communication with the other side, so that we can get the help we need, to be able to transform this world into something better. All they wish on the other side is to be able to serve humanity and tell us about the glorious life that is never ending, the expansion of consciousness in LOVE to all and in everything. We are now in a limited state and will get more clearance as we progress, we will eventually get there, no is eternal.

If you really knew . . . how would you live?

It is all about love, learning and expansion!

SoulPhone Foundation
The SoulPhone Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting Dr Gary Schwartz’s work at University of Arizona Laboratory for Advances in Con...

Updates on the SoulPhone™ 2020 (sourcelink above)

by Mark Pitstick, MA, DC – Director of the SoulPhone Foundation

Summary: Gary E. Schwartz Ph.D. is a senior professor at the University of Arizona where he directs the SoulPhone Project at the Laboratory for Advancements in Consciousness and Health. He and a team of electrical engineers, software programmers, evidential mediums, and research assistants have worked together for eleven years. In addition, a team of postmaterial (‘deceased’) inventors, scientists, and other luminaries have assisted the research and development. The following article describes pioneering and mind-boggling advancements that have occurred since the 2019 Update (see below).

1. Dr. Schwartz’s latest article about the presence of postmaterial persons and their ability to communicate will soon be published in Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing. Click here to read the abstract.

2. Four experiments involving over a thousand recording sessions and millions of pieces of data occurred at three different test centers in 2019. Using the Plasma Globe System, the totality of the replicated findings makes it very clear that:

a ) Life continues after bodily death.
b ) The postmaterial collaborators were able to generate accurate ‘yes / no’ responses during multiple Operator Skills, Personal Identification, and Cognitive Understanding tests. (see 2019 Update below to learn more about these tests)

Based on this body of research, Dr. Schwartz now has a 99.9% degree of confidence about (a) and (b). That is as high a statement of certainty that a serious scientist will make.

3. Three recent technological breakthroughs make development of an Electronic SoulSwitch (ESS) a practical possibility, perhaps as soon as next year. Creating software and hardware for the ESS has already begun and early research may start in two months.

A highly reliable and accurate ESS should allow development of a SoulKeyboard. The keyboard will, much like earthly versions of that technology, enable texting and typing. However the SoulKeyboard will enable that with two groups of postmaterial persons:

a ) ‘Departed’ loved ones: the comfort and joy from really knowing our loved ones are alive and well – and enjoying communication with them – will be extraordinary.
b ) ‘Deceased’ luminaries: many scientists, inventors, leaders, and others want to help us heal our world. They are willing and able to conduct webinars that can help us solve our biggest personal and global challenges.

The Plasma Globe System was never envisioned to produce a commercializable device such as the keyboard. However, the ESS will likely do just that.

4. Because of the ESS breakthrough . . .

a ) SEED Events are postponed; click this link to learn more about these group demonstrations.
b ) HOPE Client Sessions are postponed; click this link to learn more about individual sessions with a beloved ‘departed’ family member or friend.

For both (a) and (b), delaying them should result in much more impressive, powerful, and reassuring experiences. Greatly enhanced technology of ESS should provide more accurate, instantaneous, and meaningful experiences for both SEED and HOPE.

5. Other envisioned SoulPhone devices include:

a ) SoulVoice™ to talk with your dear ones living in postmaterial realms.
b ) SoulVideo™ promises to hear and see those living in non-earthly realms.
c ) SoulPhone apps to use with any smart personal device.
d ) Worldwide webinars with postmaterial luminaries in the fields of science, health care, religion, law, environmental protection, leadership, education, world peace, and other key areas.

6.I invite you to:

a) share this information with others
b) subscribe to free SoulPhone Foundation/ Greater Reality Living e-newsletters
c) become a member and / or donor
d) attend online and/or local Greater Reality Living groups. We are just starting the groups so start one if there’s not an established group in your area


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