The Second Ring Beyond the ice walls: Map introduction and analysis (1)

Welcome to this new Italian P&C video. Today i'm going to introduce you to the 2nd ring beyond the ICE walls as explained and display on the Third Map, the 3ed version of the beyond the ICE walls map, that shows the world outside of our own known one, the Earthly firmament shattered and divided by the ice walls and the Montane ring. I'll also describe the lands of Asgard and Eden. This is the start of a new series, like the video and comment to help the channel grow and keep the series going.

Link to the map:

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00:00-03:06 Initiation
03:06-10:28 Recap of the Old map
10:28-17:42 Introduction to the Second Ring
17:42-20:59 Asgard
20:59-26:48 Hyperborea
26:48-29:44 Eden
29:44-32:00 Conclusion