The Path of Souls & The Rainbow body of Light - William Henry


"Presentation 1: “The Judgment Day Ascension Device: The Race for the Most Powerful Secret of All Time”

Based on his book The Judgment Day Device: Lost Secrets of the Throne of the Second Coming, the Ark of the Mahdi and the Messiah's End Time Kit, William presents a revolutionary secret history and new look at the world’s most mysterious and powerful teaching: the Ascension of the Human Race. Weaving together breakthrough research, William explores the Ark of the Covenant as one component of a larger advanced supernatural spiritual tool -- the Judgment Day Device that can transform humans into angelic light beings on contact. Revealing it can align or balance us with higher forces, empower us to bring world peace and create a spiritual renaissance in the 21st century as prophesied.

Presentation 2: “The Path of Souls and the Rainbow Body of Light”

Beginning with The Light Body Effect and Morph, William has pursued a secret, transmitted for thousands of years, that provides us, literally, with the key that unlocks the power of our soul to transform the human body into light and exit the earth as a successful soul. He closed in on this secret in The Secret of Sion and The Judgment Day Device where he began assembling an astounding collection of art featuring maps the ancients called the Path of Souls (some, surprisingly, displaying the Judgment Day Device)."

Fascinating lecture about life and death. Love it!