The Message Of The Divine Iliad By Walter Russell (Unabridged Audiobook With Discussion)

Read by Brian Scott:

The Message of the Divine Iliad express the heart and soul of Walter Russell's inspired philosophic cosmic thinking and knowing.

He demonstrates that genius is inherent within everyone and that cosmic knowledge alone will make each person aware of his or her unique genius. Every person can become what he or she desires to be. Comprehension of universal law, the unity of all life, and the nature of communion with our Source will make it possible to attain any desired goal.

To give that comprehension of the Cosmos is the purpose of The Message of the Divine Iliad.

To man’s new day, now dawning, when he who alone knows the anguish of the dark shall find peace through knowing the Light of God in him, as very Self of him, this book is lovingly dedicated. - Walter Russell

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This One speaks to my hearth holy and utterly!