The Hidden Structures of Consciousness: Sacred Geometry & DMT

Today, we are joined by two fantastic speakers Dr. Robert J. Gilbert from the Vesica Institute and Andres Gomez from the Qualia Research Institute.

This one-of-a-kind conversation brings together the ancient and almost forgotten science of Sacred Geometry with the recent discoveries made in psychedelic research about the geometry of DMT experiences.

Our purpose for this conversation is to explore cutting-edge research in the Science of Consciousness by synthesizing knowledge and wisdom from exoteric and esoteric sciences, merging science and spirituality in a rigorous and unified way.

Dr. Gilbert also conducted a short sacred geometry energy meditation called the zero-point centering where one brings one's attention and awareness to the centre of the centre of the centre of each chakra in a vortex like manner.

This event was jointly organised by the Oxford Psychedelic Society, a student-run organisation, and On The Verge, a consciousness-expanding podcast and event organisation