The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto [FULL AUDIOBOOK]

cure May 20, 2021

The Japanese scientist "Masaru Emoto" really has a story to tell. This book is an acknowledgement of the nature on how water really is the key to the understanding of the world that we live in, that thoughts and intentions play a role in everything we do and experience.

Listen to this great book and learn how you can recharge the body by adding structured clean water to it, and by changing the existent water in the body using mind, speech and words. Learn how to become whole and happy, to consciously utilize your spiritual faculties on a daily basis, to become pure water once again, to become yourself as a child of God.

Here is how I do it:

  1. Create a batch of pure clean water with a water machine or a Condenser Distillation System > I use this machine. Actually, not sure if it is necessary at all! - just use LOVE and GRATITUDE on tap water according to the statement of Emoto if you don't have a machine or want to buy one, should be as good if done with L&G.
  2. Place the water on a piece of paper which has the structure or information you would like to infuse into the water. Or just use LOVE and GRATITUDE printed or written on a piece of white paper.
  3. Let it rest for 30 min or so.
  4. Drink the water during the day or when you feel like it.
  5. Be happy doing it and give thanks to the water.
  6. Think the words LOVE and GRATITUDE in your mind, also sing them out aloud, you'll quickly find a rhythm or a melody. It feels very nice after a short while. I especially do this when I shower and the room is filled with small droplets, charge the entire room and breathe it in. It can be used everywhere, either in mind or speech.

I have also been thinking of printing out molecular structure drawings and use them as a template for desired effects. Work in progress.

Within a week or so, you should feel the higher energy, like I got so powered up that my meditation became very easy, and I could visualize without difficulty. I also used the sun in the evening to recharge the body by standing with bare feet on the ground and looking into the violet sun, for about 10-15 min or so.

So, in about a period of 10 days, I mastered the visualization technique. There were also other mysterious symptoms showing up, like eyeless sight, very warm hands, control of the environment, cloud busting, out-of-body, dimensional surfing, remote viewing, etc. Very interesting.

I only did the Sun gazing for a period of 10 days or so, therefore it is very potent. Furthermore, I believe that by taking in structured water will create a more deep relationship with the Sun, that the water structure of love and the structure of the sun is the same, that they are related and dependent on each other. The Sun takes care of its creation continuously by offering Love and Gratitude by its rays unconditionally, though an effect must happen for it to have a meaning and a purpose, that the Sun is a conscious being able to sense and feel through light and magnetic resonance. The entire Galaxy is conscious and continuously work on perfecting its creation through intelligent action, and it is actually One living being, able to think, act, plan, design, etc.

Water is the foundation of everything, hence it was the first created substance in order to facilitate that which we call life, though water is life itself copying itself out. Everything is alive and a substance of the Mind of God, so thoughts are matter, thoughts create and changes matter, thoughts are the Son in action and the Mind is the Father, everything else is just a manifestation or a solidification of thought and intention, and it all comes from the Father in the form of You, you are also the Father, Yet you are the Son, both are the One, but the Father is the stronger part.

It is really a matter for you to harmonize with the water in the body and harmonizing with others and creation, crystallize it to the loving structure by using the thoughts of love and gratitude, forgiveness, positive mental conversations, and so on. This is really the essence of life, to be able to get clean structured water and to take it in and use it actively in your body mind complex. We all need water every day, and it is essential that this water is of a high structural quality, this is what beauty really is, the structure of LOVE and GRATITUDE, the harmony and perfection of creation, the only substance to sustain growth and development.

With good water you can transgress your very own limitations and make more progress than ever believed in, and it is marvelous to behold the progression and the unfolding of your inner being. It is actually like this; you give Christ clean water and Christ will come and drink it, you offer love while serving it, and you WILL become Christ-like and do all the wonderful things that he did, and more, eventually. For me, it started with a spiritual mastery that I never thought I could achieve, that visualization became so easy to do, that a visible light shines inside my head, this is actually what's happening when your body, mind and spirit becomes harmonious with each other. This is what is meant by saying that "my Father and I are One" and "look up into the light". We simply merge with our spiritual nature inside and become one entity, though we take a more passive role and let the Spirit do the work. All that is old falls away, and a new man approaches, this is my experience, and you cannot know who and what that man is, it is all new and unique, a new expression of God.

I know that this is hard to understand, but what if the Sun is inside the body? That we only project what we have inside, that the world is inside out? What really happens when we put our minds into it?

These questions will be answered soon, as I'm back on track and understand that we really need this pure structured water in order to transgress the ignorance that we are in, to be able to punch a hole in creation and look inside to see the true real world inside all of us. Only through loving thoughts can we make progress, everything else is futile.

Water is your eternal friend, and it is here to help you as it is half subtle and contains God in every aspect. We here on Earth have to drink water and so do they on every level from here on, water is first and last and is used everywhere in creation, water is a subtle form of mind actually, the mind of God. What is creation actually if not the mind of God?, because we are all in a vehicle that is God in form. What are thoughts if not an expression of God, are we just an observer of God in action? Obviously, God does it all because we are all God. Therefore, say, I AM and I have always been I AM, yes I AM a spark of the Creator hence not different from, though I AM the One and same. Let the "I AM" do the work and just sit on the backseat observing all these wonders displaying themselves, let the true You do the work, let the Master of You help others by merging with your highest desires of union with Self in love.

Likewise, I see Neville Goddard and Masaru Emoto drinking water together back home, sitting near the waterfall of love and having a blast and a laugh about how they infused this knowledge into humanity at this particular time in space. That this understanding is enough for people to search within and to utilize water and mind for all of its work, to surf the waves of life within, to ride high on life itself, to become what you always wanted to become, A LIGHT OF GOD as Christ himself. There are only two, and they become one, the Father and the Son. With a clean body with clean water, structured into light, will make life easy as pie and all of your desired fulfilled. Neville's cinema experience is very much possible when you have worked consciously with this process, both Neville and Masaru learned this by experience.

What if water is the missing key to the unfolding of God in man? What if we only need to get clean structured water and think good thoughts in order to get on the bus to the next level? Rainbow body commencing? Love is the only way and by understanding water we understand ourselves, by having a loving relationship with everything water. Yea, this means about everything and everyone. Love your neighbor as yourself :) - and harmony strikes all and everyone by the structuring of the water, the very bodies we walk around in every day. Let us all reflect the LOVE of GOD to all and become One and the same. The World is your canvas, let's paint a beautiful picture in the water and rejoice.

Lastly, the body is not really alive, it is sustained by Life/God, the life is inside animating the body, just like a car is not alive, it is the combustion that propels the car forward, when the combustion or life leaves, the car or body stops, no more signs of life, animation or action, as it is all dead matter, though still alive, hence life is all, life is thought in action, desires manifested, the desire of the wish fulfilled is really what drives it all, the LIFE we really are.

The Thought and the Mind really is the canvas of the artist, externalizing in your world, as you are the master of your world and your life. Everything is malleable and changeable by using the power of Life/Love, therefore use your power to change your life into a harmonious state and go for the finals by finding yourself within and to merge with the highest part of yourself and become what you always wanted to become, the Son of God, the Light of the World. Fulfill your destiny for the pleasure of all, the One and only.

Cheers - listen to this audiobook and then use your newly acquired knowledge to push you further into yourself, to where the true powerful You reside, and you will be able to communicate with God/You on a day-to-day basis, much more than you do right now, or more clear. You will experience that the higher part of you does the work, walk the walk and does the talk. Yes, YOU ARE GOD IN MAKING trying to wake up, yet you look down and aside. Turn inside and call yourself, you might get an answer, or a visit, like I did. Yes, don't let it scare you, when the world opens up its doors, and you can begin to see through all the Maya (illusion) that you have created around you. The next level is just an experience away, and it is very near indeed. When it happens, stay calm and see what you have forgotten, it is very beautiful to behold.

Happy Water


Flemming Frederiksen

A Soul trying to keep steady by focusing on the love which is required at this particular point in time. Though it's hard, You are loved and all is progressing towards the goal! Learn and Grow!