The Corruption of Our Nutritional and Medical Guidelines |Dr Chaffee

Our guidelines aren't just wrong, they are corrupt. Even though Coca-Cola alone spends 11 times the amount of money on nutritional research than the NIH annually, it's not just the the Big Food companies behind it. Behind it from the beginning, and even founding some of the largest Big Food companies such as Kellogg's and Sanitarium Foods, lies another entity who has influenced the guidelines, the WHO, the McGovern Report, and even the curriculum of nutritionists and Lifestyle Medicine doctors. To find out more about these shady dealings and why you cannot trust even what is taught in nutritional science classes at major universities, you won't want to miss this presentation!


00:02:50: Meat has always provided essential nutrients in the human diet,

00:07:00 Dietetics association of Australia (DAA) are highly compromised,

00:13:20 Seventh Day Adventist ideology underlies plant-based movement,

00:18:00 Seventh Day Adventists own plant-based food companies

00:24:45 The DAA attempted character assassination of orthopaedic surgeon Dr Gary Fettke for successfully treating his diabetic patients with low carb,

00:29:42 Majority of nutritional research is funded by industry and is highly conflicted,

00:32:30 Carnivore is a human species appropriate diet,

00:44:10 End of talk, Q&A begins,

Most of this information was originally uncovered by Belinda Fettke, who you can follow and watch to go even deeper down the rabbit hole here:

Belinda Fettke YouTube:

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This was originally presented at the first annual Regenerate conference in Albury, NSW.

OMG never thought I would post something like this! I've been vegetarian for 38 years myself....OMG.......but the science is sound and true....wth, have we been tricked into a bad diet based on things we cannot eat, taught by mentally ill people, due to malnutrition? Are vegetables bad for you?