The Arcane Teachings; William Walker Atkinson

Existentialism Jan 6, 2021
The Arcane Teachings; William Walker Atkinson
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Mind-blowing and rectifying information for those who just need the last adjustment to understand the causation of life and creation, as well as making progress on the way to further deepening the understanding of the higher self. To become yourself once again is now within reach, but you have to understand what is said in this lecture.

The teachings does actually make perfect sense, that there is something called "The Law" which is above all and none-changing, complete and absolutely perfect. The Law and Its functions are what we need to focus our attention on, to be able to utilize the nature of transformation, to understand how we can discard that which is false. Understand this series and you can clearly see the forest from trees.

Set yourself free and do not live a life in separation, we are all build to understand these Aphorisms and they do make a lot of sense, they will connect us with our true self and make it possible to walk the path of true righteousness, they will in other words prepare you for the larger spiritual life that we all live but are unaware of, it will make you whole and clear minded, it will bring you home (a state).

Personally I have removed a lot of misconceptions after listening to these teachings and by contemplating on these logical conclusions you will discover that they do talk to the real identity of self, they will in other words change your awareness and direct it towards the real you.

We are clearly thinking as children and we need to grow up, thankfully we just need to adjust our basic understandings about life and our place in it and start to work together as the One we really are. I mean STOP right now with what you are doing and start to listen to these lectures, can you understand them as they are? - if not, nothing is lost.... though you will gain from this you have to be honest with yourself and the truth will show you the way, it is that profound.

You might say that this teaching is a housecleaning of previous accepted falsified truths immaturely accepted, consumed and digested. Actually, everything we can come up with are only half truths, we need to skip to the sum-total of all creation which is The Law. If new misconceptions comes in along the way, then we weed them out when we get more experience, hence we will continuously grow.

The universe is trying to grow up and show its glory, which is perfect in every aspect because it is created by influence of the Law. It is not that the Law made it, the Law is perfect in every aspect and do not need to create anything, the universe simply is created because of the vibrational influence of the Law which has it all, remember that everything is in nothing.

We are all going towards the same goal and that is to realize who and what we are as we are all the same being, one conscious entity finally fulfilling and maturing into its obligations.... to finally grow up fully developed what a joy. I bet the end result will be beyond our wildest imagination because the Law (Source) is perfect and so are we.

We can all look forward to grow up as it is not always fun to think like children. Don't forget to play and have fun, have some loving moments, share some love, then we can overcome most. It is really all about love and continuous action, the shell and false thought-forms will all pass away and only the fully developed pure true person will remain, grown up ready for new adventures, because mind and action and motion will always be, even though we cannot fathom the completeness in our present condition.. if ever. You see, there really isn't an end to anything, we just continues to experience deeper and deeper levels of unconditional love, playing new games, learning new stuff, starting over, having fun. We might say that school is fun when we engage ourselves with an enthusiastic mood, fully engaged, listening to the teachers with open minds and heart. When we concentrate and focus our attention on the highest goal it will reveal itself to us through all of Its parts.

Listen to these 21 lectures and make up your own mind.


Flemming Frederiksen

A Soul trying to keep steady by focusing on the love which is required at this particular point in time. Though it's hard, You are loved and all is progressing towards the goal! Learn and Grow!