Q'uo And The Law Of One - The Lighthouse Level

Law-of-one Jun 21, 2021

This one really is a wonder of its own, so profound and to the point.

Q'uo And The Law Of One - The Lighthouse Level

From Brian Scotts YouTube channel:

In working towards graduation, the Player can assume that the energy body is a closed system and successfully achieve graduation using that assumption. Just as the physical body is basically a field of energy holding within it many lesser energy fields such as organs and systems, so the energy body can be seen to be a field of energy holding within it the lesser energy fields of the chakras.

When the Player has achieved the ability to stay within the open heart and to make positively polarized choices on a consistent basis, he is ready to face graduation with a serene mind. Using the gateway is not necessary for graduation.

However, once the maturing Player has had a taste of the pleasures of working in consciousness, the gateway to intelligent infinity beckons, with its enhanced menu of choices for advanced work.

Yes, guidance is being requested from above. The gateway is in use. But the Player can see himself as a supplicant rather than as a Co-creator. To go further, it is necessary to emphasize the open nature of the energy body’s field as well as our co-Creatorship as Players.

Q’uo says, There comes a time to lay down a piece of crystallized pain that is emotional, mental or spiritual in nature. You will know when that time comes. We do not encourage you to hurry yourself. However, it is indeed a wise person who harvests such crystallized pain, realizes it, thanks it, and moves on. It is not necessary to carry behind you that great sack which bears the accumulated pain of your incarnation. The Player, then, according to the Confederation, is challenged to lay aside the selfhood which includes any and all old material. He is no longer the one who is ill. He is no longer the one who has had bad luck with jobs. He is not the person whose relationships have gone awry. He is a new being.

Q'uo a member of the confederation similar to Ra was channeled by Jim Mccarty and Carla Rueckert after the original Ra sessions.

This information is mindblowing.

Here we discuss accessing what Carla and Q'uo call the lightouse lever

For more on q'uo check out llresearch.org


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