Plasma Intelligence: Deep Science in the LOST ART OF RESURRECTION - Emerging from Parasitic ET History

By Dan Winter:

Plasma Intelligence:Deep Science in the LOST ART OF RESURRECTION
Real Light at the end of the Tunnel of Parasitic ET History
with Dan Winter - Conversation with Generation Zed Podcasts
In Freddy Silva's excellent book (and film) "Lost Art of Resurrection" he shows with sacred sites the world over- the way ability to awake in the dream/ astral travel/ remote view-enter the stargate/portal - is triggered by the energy of the site. He even goes so far
as to quote from the Essene/ Gospels- where Jesus explains that his resurrection was falsely branded (they actually killed Simon of Sirene) - so the resurrection of Christianity is misleading advertising- - So what we present now is the plasma electrical engineering of resurrection- In fact the real moment of resurrection comes when the body becomes electrically coherent enough to plasma project in to the 'longitudinal interferometry' / inner world / next dimension / akashic - As is known and common for - and the implosive charge of bliss / sacred sites. This is ALSO how memory passes electrically through death.

(Stories of the NINE)- Visuals from

(Phylis Schlemmer / Puharich 'Only Planet of Choice') -

Necessary (implosive) Geometry of Successful Death:

Angelic (hypercube / stargate) plasma science ,Precisely fractal (charge collapse ) platonic nest definition of s,p,d,f electron shells AND nuclear hadron symmetry

Fractal/conjugate implosive origins of ALL zero point energy

Here are more films on HOW -Mind/Consciousness Propagate When Charge Implosion Embeds Longitudinal EMF: --New Dec 21- 2nd Presentation this series: CHARGE IMPLOSION & LOST ART OF ALCHEMY, Alchemy of Bliss, Death, Compassion, Scrying-History AND Physics


Dan Winter is a hero of mine, a true hero!

This knowledge has been on my mind since childhood, and Dan has been so kind to put it in an easy-to-understand formula.

Understand this, and you can optimize your life, as it was meant to be.

This is the answer to everything in life! Just add plasma and protect it.

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