Patrick Botte introduces Dan Winter's Origin of Biologic Negentropy

Dan Winter Apr 27, 2022

Dan writes:

"Patrick Botte introduces Dan Winter's Origin of Biologic  Negentropy- preview for Dan's  presentation at tomorrow- Sat. Sept 11- presentation for    Dan Winter will present 2pm  Paris time (8am NY time): Negentropy- Fractality & Biofeedback for Path of Bliss vs Astral Hygiene  ---------The same fractal implosion of charge: the 'grace' of bliss-  is teachable with biofeedback - in EEG   and as Life Force Regeneration -    We examine how the pure principles for becoming centripetal - creates the charge implosion in the aura- which launches a coherent longitudinal EMF plasma projection- 'shamanic' called the BA from the KA, or Rainbow Light Body - or Etheric body.  Astral hygiene teaches how holes in the aura form- which invite parasitics- due to asymmetry- directly related to drug abuse- and depression. The same fractal or conjugate harmonic inclusiveness ( eeg/ekg/hrv/plasma -   ref ) which define immune health medically - ALSO define bliss - and the path from parasitism - to an aura which is navigable into stars before AND after death. Having designed the charge field which measurably triggers lucid dreaming ( ) - and therefore memory thru death- we can teach the (fractal / charge distribution perfected) electrical engineering of bliss - which is simply the charge radiance enabled by implosion first. Transliterating the terms HE-aven, planes of sharon- Champs Elysees - we learn pure physics IS the  empowering beauty language in which to learn spiritual science.   - Dan Winter ORIGIN BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY   book:"

fafx: People, this is it, the way forward. Just add plasma and everything else will be added, just get up to speed and protect your accumulated life-energy, with wisdom and science.


Flemming Frederiksen

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