Nosso Lar (audiobook)

Here is the infamous and absolutely fantastic book "Nosso Lar" (Our Home) by Chico Xavier dictated by the Spirit of André Luiz.

This is a very important book teaching you how to navigate your life and how to grow spiritually. The most important aspect of life is harmony and love as we cannot live by bread alone and it is important to keep this in mind when we make choices throughout life. Serve and help humanity in love and your life will be a success. Set yourself free and listen to this great book of wisdom and quickly learn how to return home with confidence. You will face the facts of life eventually and you do not need to suffer needlessly. This is the book you need to read and I suggest you do it now before you cross over and begin your journey back home. See it as a navigation tool of great importance, a compass back to our original home. This knowledge will be of tremendous help to those who get lost and find themselves in realms not conducive to love and believe me, they surely exist because everything is made of thought and consciousness, do not miss this opportunity to learn while you are relatively of sound mind. Listen to those who know!

Click below to see the playlist of Nosso Lar on YouTube. The audio is in English.

Nosso Lar audio book in English by Chico Xavier
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A deep study on Nosso Lar by Scott Mandelker:

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