Michael Newton Ph.d

Michael Newton Institute

Michael Newton, Ph.D is the Founder of The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (TNI) and served as the first President from 2002-2005. Our organization briefly began as the Society for Spiritual Regression (SSR) and then evolved into The Newton Institute to honor its Founder in 2005.

Michael Newtons work has really helped me with the wider perspective on life. To get data on the state between life, the place you are when you are not here incarnated in the body, is absolutely fantastic, healing and life-giving.

The fact that our main essence, which is operating in the spiritual world right now, is also a fascinating aspect to think about. That we actually can, and do, operate multiple places at the same time, that we can multitask in such a manner is really mind-blowing.

I would encourage you to listen to this great book (audiobook) by Michael Newton and make up your own mind about life and the life between lives. The following is the complete book "Journey of Souls".

We need to take responsible for our life and "death", that we are the architect of our own life and journey, that we are only here to grow and learn no matter how hard we have made our script we will eventually reap the benefit of our schooling. To go to school is always a challenge, life really first begins after we have graduated. And please remember, that we always learn and there is no "perfection" as such, we are already a part of God which is perfection, we can always go deeper and learn the meaning of the ever expanding love, that we can always learn to love more and more.

Ask yourself what time is and why 100 years here only is about 15 min in the spiritual schoolhouse that we attend right now at this very moment. When the lecture is over, we return to our home, and we can look forward to another lecture tomorrow. The earth-school is one of the harder ones, but when we graduate we will have a good amount of knowledge which we can use to serve others, teach, etc. You don't have to finish school here on earth, but it is recommended that you graduate. There is no force that keeps you at school, only your desire to learn more. Remember that you don't have to come back to learn more if you don't have a desire to do so, we are the ones who make our own choices with the help from the elders who have more experience. Life is a journey with a purpose, and we are ultimately in control of our journey here on earth, we just don't remember that it is so! Besides, life has many facets, and we live in more than one place, we are in other words multidimensional and can multi-locate our experiences in different times and places. Life is a lot more than it seems, and that is comforting.

Please read the material presented and receive the healing of the wisdom contained therein. Or listen to lectures on YouTube, there is a wealth of information in this material.