Michael Armstrong: UFO ≈ Plasma Phenomena | Thunderbolts

Similarities between many UFO sightings and plasma phenomena indicated by the Approximately Equal [ ≈ ] symbol.

Extreme UFO maneuverers are witnessed doing acute 90º course changes creating stress forces beyond the structural capacity of any known material ≈ in plasma the electric force acts directly on EACH and EVERY particle, and thus there is no resulting structural stress from acute deceleration or acceleration.

Vehicles tend to stall out when UFOs pass over cars, and people lose consciousness or hallucinate when UFOs pass over individuals ≈ precisely the results you would expect from powerful electric fields induced by significantly-sized plasma objects.

We understand how ball lightning gradually loses its charge and then pops like a bubble ≈ just as some UFOs undergo a similar sudden discharge and disappear into thin air.

Natural Philosopher Michael Armstrong may doubt the existence of alien life forms piloting interstellar spacecraft to visit Earth, but is not arrogant enough to be adamant there can be no such thing.

(EDITOR NOTE: The video narrator Michael Armstrong states that some UFO sightings may be plasma phenomena but he is not saying that ALL UFO sightings are.)

Peter Mungo Jupp: UFO or Plasmoid? | Thunderbolts

In 1956, Winston Harper Bostick demonstrated that an amorphous mass of high-velocity plasma has a natural ability to convert a large proportion of its kinetic energy into magnetic energy, contained in an organised toroidal structure. He called this structure a ‘plasmoid’.

Archaeologist and Thunderbolts colleague Peter Mungo Jupp details the criteria of eyewitness accounts that some UFO sightings may in fact be plasmoids. They seem to possess an intelligence, rise and fall to the ground as though being flown, seem to fly in the direction of either magnetic pole, change shape, pulse, and can blink with multiple colours. This ubiquitous property of plasmoids is often recorded as UFO sightings.

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