Medical Miracles and More with Dr. Anoop Kumar

JeffMara Jul 29, 2022

Podcast guest 481 is Dr. Anoop Kumar, is a board certified emergency room physician who saw that many patients in the ER didn't believe healing was possible, even if many others had healed from the very same diagnoses.   He started Health Revolution to share the stories and expertise of people who have found their own path to healing, as well as to disseminate the deep knowledge of healing latent in many cultures around the world.     This is delivered through the Healing Is Possible podcast, which debuted on May 7th on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Dr. Kumar encourages audiences to rethink the relationship between mind and body in a way that informs solutions to real-world challenges, including healing disease and upgrading the quality of our education. He communicates his vision through the lens of the Three Minds Framework, which emphasizes healing through integration of all aspects of life. The application of this framework in healthcare is Health Revolution, a movement demonstrating that healing is possible when we see ourselves fully.

Healing is possible YouTube Channel

Health Revolution website


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