Madeleine C. Morris - The Amazing Power Of Solar Kinetics

Yes, when I used the Sun for 10 days, I achieved spiritual vision and could see beyond the physical, as well as see with my eyelids closed. I used bare feet standing on the ground and watched the sunset while repeating LOVE in the mind. My hands also stayed very warm for months after this effect emerged in my body. I also experienced what is stated in this book, like the mind-mirror and I could visualize easily within seconds using my will.

More about this later!

From the description of Brian Scott:

One is the center of our entire planetary system — the sun.

The other is the limitless power of your own mind.

Combine these two dynamic forces and you have the most powerful energy known, called Solar Kinetics, at your command, ready to bring your wildest cravings and desires to you from the cosmic world!

"The only difference between the "Haves" and the "Have Nots" is that the "Haves" know how to bring wealth into their lives," says Madeleine C. Morris, "Now you can join them!"

For revealed in this startlin book is the secret ritual that contacts the Sun-Spirits to catapult money, love, and power into your life!

Now, you'll discover how to...

Gain titanic riches with the secret of the Magic Wealth Trigger!

Change your life with the fantastic Good Luck Invocation!

Have the Solar Kinetic Vitality Generator give you perfect health and renewed vigor!

Command others to do your bidding, with the proven Solar Kinetic Power Ritual!

Protect yourself from negative forces and psychic attack!

Win friends or bring the one you desire to your side!

And these amazing powers can be yours ... in just seconds!

Anyone Can Do It!

The real beauty of Solar Kinetics is that it is so simple to command, and yet, the most effective way known to turn your every desire into reality. Just sit back in a chair, and let the Sun-Spirits invoke the all-mighty power of the sun to shower you with rays of wealth and happiness! It's all spelled out for you, step-by-step, in these thrilling pages.

Learn To Expect Miracles!

Scores of other people, just like you, have reaped the benefits of this book, and started to live in a new and exciting world. Now, you too, must learn to expect miracles! For with the surging power of the Sun-Spirits working for you, nothing will be beyond your reach... as seeming miracles occur as if on a time schedule!

See how these people used the Sun-Spirits to change their luck and lives ...

Millicent used the Magic Wealth Trigger to get a diamond pendant!

Frank V. used this incredible power to cure his arthritis!

Timothy X. had others do his bidding and developed fantastic charm with the Magic Pelmetic Invocation!

There’s no limit to the rewards that await you, once you start to follow the crystal-clear action steps revealed in this extraordinary book.

Wed The Mighty Power Of The Sun To Your Own Creative Mind Power...

This book will show you the way to wed the mighty power of the sun to your own creative mind power.

This will give you the kind of fantastic power that can virtually move mountains, catapult you to instant wealth, protect you from the evil of possessing spirits and demons, or bring you perfect health and vitality. You will see how to change your luck so that you can win fabulous prizes time after time. It's as if you had an army of "Sun Spirits" working for you night and day.

You will be able to awaken your sleeping giant of power with the use of Solar-Kinetics. You will direct your life along the path of your desires. No longer will you need to go through life yearning for the things you can't have. With this book, you will be able to attain your heart's desire — no matter what it is.

You will develop terrific mental powers with the use of Solar-Kinetics. As you use the fantastic cosmic energy locked up in Solar-Kinetics, you will find your spiritual faculties developing daily. You will be amazed at the sensitivity growing within you. As your chakras, or psychic centers, open up, one by one, you will realize the beauty and immensity of your true self as you grow into the realization of what you really are.

When the magnificent power of Solar-Kinetics begins to flow through you, your entire life will follow a more serene and peaceful pattern. Problems will smooth out as if by magic. No longer will you be swimming against life's tide. You will be "tuned in" to your personal destiny with its beautiful promise of fulfillment.

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