Leslie Flint a Direct Voice Medium!

mediums Feb 27, 2020
Leslie Flint

Leslie Flint was a great direct voice medium based in London, England. For many years Leslie and his group recorded voices from the other side on magnetic tapes, which spanned from 1934 and have produced over 500 recordings. We have the great opportunity to learn a great deal about how the death-process works, from listening to the recordings with an open mind and really learn what the man-made concept "death" is all about. These recordings are the real deal and a deep treasure of information for all mankind.

Leslie was tested multiple times, he was gagged, taped over, locked in a box, throughout multiple occasions observed by critical scientists, officials, and by other people who had doubt about his direct voice mediumship. Leslie was the real deal and there is no doubt that what he recorded was in fact people communicating from the other side. It is really a great opportunity to learn about life and death directly from those who have passed over, directly from the source.

Leslie was a medium who used to work with "sitters" who did the communication with people on the other side, the so-called "communicators".

The Leslie Flint Educational Trust has produced over 500 recordings in which you can find descriptions from all walks of life, from the realized seeker, to the workaholic, to the catholic priests, to the little children and mothers who died in childbirth. Yes, it is possible to find descriptions from all walks of life, which is the purpose of the helper "Mickey" whose job it is to find suitable subjects whom can contribute with their particular story. You will find Mickey on all recordings because he was the mediator on the other side.

Let us let Betty introduce Mr. Leslie Flint and the Direct Voice Phenomenon (DVP):

I will post a lot more about Leslie Flint and make an analysis of the subjects received from the communicators.  There are a lot of aspects to cover, but overall, it's not hard to do because these communicators, especially those who are learned and wise they contribute with deep and waste descriptions about their life on the other side, others are not that talkative, and you have to ask a lot of questions, well as you can see, it's very much like our side, some are quiet others very loud, some shy others flamboyant, some locked-in a religious belief-system, others are free as a bird and very alive. You see, to have a religious system, maybe dogmatic, is really of no benefit unless you understand the deeper meanings of the subjects described therein. All religions are basically built on the same foundation and that is Love towards your fellow man, to help and serve one another without taking advantage of the situation, to serve out of love. Religion also try to interpret what death is and describe the life after death. Fortunately we have a direct voice from the other side, we have a clean and truth channel to the other side and it's a very educating one, if we care to listen. There is no need to speculate anymore and wander around in the darkness of our unilluminated minds, we have plenty of opportunities to educate ourselves with true knowledge given from the very source itself, from those who are living a very active life and who love to talk about it, what an opportunity and a chance we have, to actually know firsthand about the life we all are going to experience first hand.

One thing I've learned today, in the following video about Jeremiah, a 1600 century soldier, is that if you take a soldier on the battlefield and analyses his realizations after death, you'll see that he is dumbfounded and very much confused about what is going on. I mean, someone who becomes a soldier in the first place have not yet reached the level of compassion and understanding. He sees his lifeless body on the ground dead and strange, his friends fighting in desperation while other dead people wandering around in the same confusion, some still bashing with their sword against their enemies, yes, all of them are in great confusion, no one really knows what's happening to them and soon realize that they cannot kill one another anymore, it's all in a futile attempt, they realize that they are dead and that they are different from those still in body, yet there are still similarities though not initial observed. People who do not have a gross low-vibrational body soon begin to slightly illuminate some kind of light from within and they sort of shine a little compared to people who have not left their body, that shine will eventually grow in size, but initially it's only slightly observed by the inhabitants in the afterlife as a slight glow, much seen like "something different". You see, the afterlife is somewhat a lot more different even though it's not initial observed by the unprepared when crossing over, and if they observe it and understand what's happening, then they phase out and soon become a part of a higher plane no longer visible to people with a lower vibrational thought patterns.

When people pass over, such as a soldier or a judge, they quickly learn that you only strengthen your enemy by killing him, as he, the enemy, becomes much stronger on the other side, and he can influence much more people from his newly-found free position, he is therefore free to travel wherever he wants to go, though in the confinements of his particular plane of observation and understanding, he will try to influence people he finds attractive and who can serve his purpose. This results in a generation influenced by angry soldiers (ghosts), to commit yet another war (revenge). How awful is that! Anyhow, we need to listen and get an understanding from those who know more that we do, those already initiated in the knowledge of the afterlife, therefore, please take this seriously and do yourself a favor, study this subject by listening to the recordings of The Leslie Flint Foundation, get as much knowledge as you possible can, knowledge is power, a power which makes you knowledgeable about how to act and react and how to think at all after you have left your sorry body, a tour guard if you like, a pamphlet with a map of the afterlife, something you can hold on to when you need it the most. Personally I listen to lectures in an average of four to five hours a day, to catch those small nuances and hidden gems which is always present in the truth, a story or a realization told by an honest person, we find plenty of those in the archive of the Flint Foundation. I have put in a video here at the end, and it has taught me a great deal about the mind of someone who died in a manipulated and indoctrinated state of mind, in confusion, someone who is a "usual suspect" someone who is like anyone else we can imagine, even from our own life. Listen to this great soul and rejoice the realizations of a changed man, this could very easy be yourself.

Let me introduce Jeremiah, a 1600'th century soldier who died for Cromwell:

So all-in-all, these recordings are a treasure chest of knowledge given with the purpose to educate the human population about the reality of life and how life is continuous and eternal. We do not have to have faith anymore, not in a way which is described in the tales given by well-read but none-realized scholars, here we have a direct link to the other side and just by listening we can get the information needed to enrich our lives while we work towards the inevitable transition ourselves. The transition is a very pleasant and natural part of life, no need to fear what we cannot understand, though it's a complete natural process which everyone has to go through and has gone through innumerable times. In any case, I am very curious and look forward to experiencing the process first hand myself. People on the other side cannot really understand why we would want to stay here on earth, but clearly understand why we have to, it's a school you see and whenever has school been as much fun as when school is finished, and you have graduated, that time is probably what people see as when life actually begins, or adult life that is. To grow up is hard, and you have to learn a lot, but this is life, and it is what it is supposed to be, to be a training ground for souls. Our real existence and life is actually located away from earth, away from school, at home, back home where we belong.

Even if these disincarnated spirits are not what they state, or whom they are, then it still can provide information from the other realities of life, though you should not trust everything they say, though there is truth in lies as well, it is just the opposite fact. I am sure that some are genuine and others are fakers, but is it essential? What we need to understand and focus on is that life goes on and on and on forever.

See you on the other side in mutual respect and in love :)


Flemming Frederiksen

Love, Light, Forgiveness, Research, Progress, Truth and Wisdom.