Law-of-one Jun 13, 2021

I will once again speak about Scott Mandelker, a true hero in my opinion, a Ph.D. who has taken up the task to speak about The-Law-of-One to us, by LL

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This knowledge, this philosophy, is the key to understanding who and what we are, what is coming, what is happening. The Law-of-One implicit explains how our society is managed by the negative entities, the Service-to-Self demonic entities, and this is a common thing on a 3D mixed planet, which is going through the harvest.

This is the most important text to understand, and you will understand everything about who and what you are and where you are. So, listen to these 106 lectures again and again until it sticks, and you become self-realized :) - The YouTube playlist states that there are 259 videos, so just begin with number one and continue until you have reached the end.

As of myself, I really want the people of earth to progress and understand themselves, to become loving and caring, but then again, I really just want to go home by now, not being tortured by fools anymore.

Since this Plandemic has hit the society, it has really become difficult to be amongst ignorant people who hate everyone questioning the narrative put out by these undeveloped negative people, not to speak about the meaning of life. It is like the being back in the Middle Ages.

I will stick around doing my service, this is what I agreed to do. Maybe it is time to put up a YouTube channel, for the danish speaking people?

Scott Mandelker
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Dr. Scott Mandelker integrates the cosmic meaning of UFOs, ET souls and Earth Harvest with the spiritual principles of healing, initiation and self-transformation.


Flemming Frederiksen

A Soul trying to keep steady by focusing on the love which is required at this particular point in time. Though it's hard, You are loved and all is progressing towards the goal! Learn and Grow!