Laboratory of Silence by Robert A Russell

Existentialism Jan 18, 2021

Again, listen and learn, it is all in here, inside you, It is in All. Set yourself free from limitations and fear and embrace the the totality of Yourself, expand and grow to the One You really are.

I can say that I have personally experienced some of what is presented herein and I know that I will eventually see what is behind all the other doors of perception, as behind them the Truth will shine through once you get them opened, actually just step aside and let the real You show the way, it is the only way, the Real you have all the key and stand on the other side of the door waiting in eagerness to show you the Truth. Knock knock and the door opens, can you walk through it?

On the other hand we are the truth and nothing can be added or subtracted from us, we are it all and we know it. We are One being and we know it. We have everything at our disposal and we know it. Know IT that IT IS SO. Stop pretending that it is not when it is.

Don't depend on anything but the I AM. Don't let anyone put you down by their ignorance and intellectual pride. Don't let anyone tell you about the truth and don't paint yourself into the corner by trusting your own library of conceived truths, let it all go and only rely on your I AM, the real You, as everything is contained in It. Nothing else needed! You are complete and whole as you are, no-one can add or subtract anything from you as you are complete and whole in Itself. You are Perfection in an ever expanding state, experiencing deeper and deeper levels of LOVE - can you feel some of it right now streaming in through the cracks of the door? Can you see the light shining through the door welcoming you home as Yourself? Go to the Light as It is You. Know IT NOW!

Love to All!


Flemming Frederiksen

A Soul trying to keep steady by focusing on the love which is required at this particular point in time. Though it's hard, You are loved and all is progressing towards the goal! Learn and Grow!