Jesus Physics- and the Grail: Manifesto

Jesus Physics- and the Grail: Manifesto

Welcome to this exciting edition of the physics of Christ

Dan Winter talks about the process and the scientific understanding behind the phenomena of a plasma-light body, with details and history included, so I ask myself what else could we ask for? This deep information connects all the dots and gives us a clear understanding of the place we are living and the goal of life. To sum it down and see it through science is truly a blessing in disguise. It makes so much sense, and it opens up for everything that you have hoped for, namely "How to Grow Consciousness and Life-Force NOW".

I love the kindness described by Jesus, to love one another. There is a physical and biological meaning to this, that we have to love each other, have good intentions, as if we do not have these qualities properly developed, then we do not proceed as intended in life. There is a scientific explanation behind consciousness and how it works, how to make it work optimally and in harmony with creation, and all will be exposed in Dan Winter's presentation.

If you haven't studied religious scriptures and spiritual concepts yourself, then this maybe will be a little taunting on you, because it is very advance information on the nature of consciousness itself and life-energy, on the light body, and on the God principle. If you however remains open and curious to find the meaning of life, as you have a natural attraction to these subjects, then you definitely should dwell into the deeper waters of this presentation, as you will become more realized as of whom and what you are and how you can make progress on this difficult and deceitful road of life.

We can now describe the process of developing a coherent plasma-light body, how to make it grow as it should, how to keep the charge and glory of the field intact, and to understand that this plasma-field-of-charge is highly intelligent and personal and works with us in our life every single day.

Now we actually know what attracts life, how life reacts to certain conditions, how it flows, and we are just beginning to develop our deeper relationship with it as a collective by understanding its nature, as we begin to understand our true relationship with nature itself, the collaboration between every living being and creation, between man and God.

Furthermore, we are beginning to understand how life itself is self-organizing, self-regulating and self-healing, also called “negentropic”, and if we do not stand in the way of the progress which some call “New-Earth”, then this will manifest and come to fruition sooner than later. This knowledge is what will bring about the next phase in human evolution, to get back to our true purpose in life and not fool around, to once again become “enlightened beings” full of life, grace, and love for each other.

To utilize honest science and a clear positive mind, brings us closer to the truth, to the essence and meaning of life. This is exactly the meaning of religion, to come closer to the understanding of life, to gather grace and wisdom, to live correctly amongst each other. What has been missing so far, is the understanding of the physics behind “enlightenment”—how it actually works. You might say that we now have the software and hardware manual of the body and mind, and we can now understand the complete picture of what's life is really about and what our purpose actually is, but what it dosen't mention is that God sits in His chair behind your mind and gets all information first and then desides what you should have.

To utilize this knowledge and technology we can get back on track and thrive as one people, with one common goal; to create harmony on earth, with the purpose of making progress towards the final goal, to become ready for death—to die successfully. With this technology, everyone will become familiar with the death process, because everyone will become able to project their consciousness and follow the departing soul home. This technology wakes us up to whom we really are, people who can do Lucid-Dreaming and Astral-Travel and see reality for what it is and understand the processes of life and death completely.

Understand what Jesus and others did, and still do, to grow the aura and become a large plasma-field of coherent charge, to be able to utilize the power of the earth, to gather enough momentum to be able to do amazing loving feats. As said: “To those who have, more will be given. From those who have little, even that will be taken.”, this actually means the amount of coherent plasma density in your aura, the more you have, the more charged plasma you will attract, the less mass you have, the quicker you'll lose it. Simple physics. Now let's translate the rest. :)

Learn to grow your aura, learn to become fractal in all of your ways and in your living-space, and you will quickly attract the understanding, the knowing, the peace, and you will grow to become as large as your effort allows, therefore, understand the science on how not to lose the grace and the charge, not to bleed the charge out and to keep it growing. Let's break free from this place of ignorance and sorrow and build a better world of happy fantastic free energetic creative loving people.

You can do as much as anyone else, and you will do it better if you understand the process of regeneration and bliss, of plasma and consciousness, the way to live and think, then you are almost there as you just need to add one thing, the magnetism and plasma. Listen and learn is my plea, as you will see, you're not alone, you're free, if you just want to be the loved one you promised to be. Grow child!

You now have the knowledge and the science to grow as intended!

Jesus Physics- and the Grail: Manifesto
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These three are on the deep science of Jesus, Heaven, and Hell. Enjoy and set yourself free of the clutches of ignorance and pain.

"When your inner eye become one, then your body will be filled with light" (plasma-charge). IMHO, this can be done in three weeks, to start the process of attracting more plasma and to see without your physical eyes, if you understand the physics and method. I did it with sunlight, grounding, meditation and binaural beats. Easy to do for many! - though you need to get your house in order, to have good intentions in life and understand the value of a true sharable loving thought, and you need to want it, the truth.

If you just learn the physics, the practice, the knowledge presented, then you will become self-realized and do wonders in your life, simply just do it. Do not stop the progress, live it and grow in every aspect of your wonderful life every day, it is just a moment away I'd say if you do it right. Also meditate and pray more for help.

The first step is to understand what Dan is hinting here, and just grow your potential. We are all Work-In-Progress and we will find peace again.

May progress and happiness come your way, today.


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