Jeshua the Early Years, Awakening

Existentialism Feb 11, 2021

What stands out in this lecture is the fact that we are told that we create our own path and that if we believe in reincarnation, then reincarnation is what we get, if we believe that we are unlimited, then we are unlimited and do not need to reincarnate.. what a pleasant thought, a thought I will live by and follow NOW, though it might not be as easy as that. I do believe that we need to finish what we saw, but who knows really.

I can just listen to these teachings and all is well, the light is shining on the path, on my true self, NOW. Is it really this simple, that we simply are what we are, and we do not need to seek anything outside ourselves? Yes, it is, the freedom and the wisdom is right here, talking and thinking, smiling and walking, sleeping and eating, it is all here, right here, we are that love, all of us, and we need to understand our potential and power, we are the ONE, I AM.

What amazes me right now is the simplicity of life, on thought, on our perceptions and conditions, it is all in our heads. Reality IS and IT IS here right now, You are here right now, GOD is here right now, can you see that You are here right now and nothing is changed? Just release all the nonsense and all the dogma, just release and see what happens. You are the I AM and you can do what everyone else has done and more, you are unique and special, and you have your own expression to offer, live it now and see what happens. I bet your life will change today.

It surely is like Robert Monroe stated, that we are just tourists looking for an adventure and to get caught up in it. Who were you before humankind existed, or the universe for that matter? Exactly, we have always been and are perfect as we are, just as we are, only the egoistic fool think he is something else, a body which dies, no we are the Life that IS and has always been. How hard can it be to break through all the walls of ignorance, through the dull ignorant fool which I have identified with for so long, as only I AM exist, not something in the past or an improved version in the future, no no, we are perfect right now, we just need to grow a little more to be able to see!

Let's fear no evil as evil only is ignorance. Become Who You Are Now!

What a marvelous lecture reminding us who we are. Let's BE HERE NOW, just do it.



Flemming Frederiksen

A Soul trying to keep steady by focusing on the love which is required at this particular point in time. Though it's hard, You are loved and all is progressing towards the goal! Learn and Grow!