Initial Comments on Astral City (Nosso Lar) by Scott Mandelker

Del dine videoer med venner, familie og verden

By Scott Mandelker from his YT channel:

"Psychological bases of attachment to 3D space/time and lower dimensions; dynamics of soul evolution reflected in astral plane location & proximity of Astral City to hell realms. Correlation between teaching & levels of development -- mirroring of form & consciousness.

Solitary learning vs. interpersonal non-preferred service; balanced self-determination. Mundane & essential selfhood-inquiry (Sanskrit: ahamvicara; Ramana Maharishi); avoiding spiritual bypass."

Scott Mandelker

Scott Mandelker helped me in my younger days to understand certain issues which I had at that point in time, that if I was a "Wanderer" or not, actually I had no words for it at that time and learned about Ra for the first time from Scott. I later got a confirmation from the higher layers in form of a visitation one late night. Actually it was so long ago that I had forgotten all about him, many books ago, nonetheless, he is a great inspiration of mine and really worth a visit. Scott has helped a lot of Wanderers understanding why they are here suffering, why they don't fit in. Furthermore, he melts the east and the west with the wisdom of a few.

Here Scott talks about Astral City (Nosso Lar). You might want to look at his YouTube channel to understand what he is all about, yes, he is still active and that will never stop. Maybe you're ready for the more advanced teachings of his?

I choose the Astral City presentation because I have made this blog mostly for the westerners and Chico has been mentioned previously, it's all related though. I will include the deeper stuff by Scott eventually, but it probably will confuse you if you haven't made yourself acquainted with the basics. Not that I think you can't handle it, but it is a different mindset and easy to misunderstand. The Law of One is very deep and is spoken from a high level of understanding, seen from the 6'th and above density, not to speak of Theravada Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta which is a lifelong study in itself, though Scott presents everything in a scientific logical way. I'm sure you can learn something here. If you can handle The Law of One, your good to go on most subjects.

Yes, Scott is a Wanderer, and maybe it takes a Wanderer to recognize a Wanderer? A Wanderer is also someone who searches for the truth intensively and do not stop doing so, that is his life purpose. As of myself, I was awakened early on as a very young child, and it was frightening to say at least, a path of extreme loneliness and solidarity, sorrow if you like, and the only remedy is to be constantly emerged in the Love of the One, or to serve, to become wiser. Anyway, visit Scott and learn from a great soul, he gave me a clue at the right time. If you can merge the East and the West please do so, you know what you're doing anyway and guidance is surely given. Scott is down to earth and has a good rational mind and good intelligence. I truly enjoy his lectures, and they are great fun too, I love every second of them, but I'm curious of nature.

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Dr. Scott Mandelker integrates the cosmic meaning of UFOs, ET souls and Earth Harvest with the spiritual principles of healing, initiation and self-transformation.
Talks by Scott Mandelker PhD on the principles of spiritual growth & self-healing, soul evolution & cosmic plan. My background: PhD, East West Psychology (1992); MA, Integral Counseling (1990), Buddhist practice (1980+), teaching & counseling (1990+). TOPICS INCLUDE: * Ra Material (L/L Research, La…

Talks by Scott Mandelker PhD on the principles of spiritual growth & self-healing, soul evolution & cosmic plan.

Scotts background: PhD, East West Psychology (1992); MA, Integral Counseling (1990), Buddhist practice (1980+), teaching & counseling (1990+).

From Scott himself (YT):


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