Implosion in Water & Plasma- Growth Enhancement Effects with Dan Winter & Eva Pascual

Implosion in Water & Plasma- Growth Enhancement Effects with Dan Winter & Eva Pascual


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This is important, to understand water and its nature. Known fact for decades, but forgot by most!

In order for your aura to implode sufficiently night and day, it is helpful to drink water with small clusters, so that you can get hydrated enough for the implosion. In my humble opinion, it is far easier to come down to the bliss state when you are hydrated, as the skin becomes more conductive, as a matter of fact it is actually needed, you cannot do it without good hydration and grounding. The eye of the vortex needs rotation and focus, with the fractal water and the "holy space" you get far with just a few steps.

  • Grounding and vitalization at the hour of sunrise and sunset, while facing the sun. Do not look at the sun directly for more than three weeks, if you choose to look at it do it in small intervals. I prefer to sit in a chair grounded, while facing the sun with closed eyelids, this gives me a full range of colors inside anyway, it helps to build the inner "cinema". Water re-flexion can do the same, watching the reflections of the sun descending on the breaking of the water surface.
  • Meditation on neural-beats to get the body to relax completely, in a fractal space.
  • Guide your shareable thoughts with intention to reach the null-state, let go, and feel the implosion. To visualize, signs and geometry can have the same effect, but you need to build your cinema first.
  • You can also breathe heavily and charge up, thereby submit yourself underwater and thereby create implosion and release unwanted disturbances in your field. This creates fusion in the blood as well.
  • Everyday think of shareable thoughts or listen to your favorite author, do not let the mind do any havoc as your fields looses its coherent structure. If you have some bleeding in the mind, you need to rearrange and find the cause. A quick meditation brings things into focus very fast, so use it when you can, for you will live in the now and take correct decisions based on love, to be shareable and attract life, to remain open and loving to life.
  • You can get eyeless sight and Lucid Dreaming within a week or so, if you just do it. In the beginning I needed three 45-min meditations a day for a week or so, before I could get enough rotation to move my field of vision around outside my body, YMMV.
  • The hydration and the "holy space" is very important to understand. You can measure the "plasma charge" with Dan's Flame-In-Mind App and a Muze2 headband. The "Secret" is located at the place we do our meditation and sleeping, the place we recharge (implode), the food and water we drink and the grounding we use, but we need the monitoring and optimization for direction on how to create the best possible space and hence succeed much faster towards our goals.
  • Get your house in order, and you'll take off like a rocket in the night. First seek the power within, then everything will be given, to merge into even lager plasma-arrays of charge, even while in the body. Understand the physics and do what many has done before you, if you have the hardware to do it, though most can, so please try it out and see if you are ready to journey into the reality of the world you live in, to grow and understand everything around you as you grow to your true potential.

When all comes to all, we are only in for a ride, to watch the story unfold. We have a chance to work together with creation and grow beyond measures, if only we follow the physics behind the science to do its job.

To get this "body-mind-spirit" complex going, we need to operate it with wisdom. I promise that if you follow this science you will become successful and achieve your highest goals, in this lifetime, and return to the highest possible place after your departure, and from there get even more spin and mass for your further evolution, in perfect love and harmony with the creation itself. This is what it's all about.

I cannot jump to the third floor, but I can take the elevator.