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Healing Apr 16, 2021

Here we have a story of a genuine spiritual healer, of which we have seen many. This is a true story of true events, and it is true that we all have these channelled powers of healing, more or less.

I myself have seen this working first hand, and it is true that there is a vibration right before the actual healing takes place. All we actually have to do, is to focus our minds on the issue at hand and by using the mind we can channel the healing powers which are all around us. Furthermore, we can get help from those not incarnated in 3D to boost the healing process, as well as of those living in 4D, 5D and 6D.

Before you give up, try to use these powers to heal. You might find out that they actually work when you put your mind into it. Try to see the result of the desire in your minds eye, or try to visualize the sickness as a dark substance and clean it out with a tool you create in your mind, like a sponge which you clean under running water. Or you can use your will to create the changes by demanding them into place, like "in my divine power I demand that [this] and [this] goes away and all is well". Something like that, I am sure you know what I mean.

Healing is true, and it works, I have seen it in operation many times, though it is hard for the mind to believe in it, though the results speak for themselves. I encourage you to test it out and do some healing as its really not that hard, it is as easy as you wish it to be. I myself have to remind myself that I have these skills and that they do work, so it is actually a matter of a "just do it" approach, and you'll get to see for yourself.

Step out of the way and embrace the Love which is all around you and love everyone you meet, see it as the true healing which is commencing, to love and to be loved is all there is to it. We can actually heal the entire planet with this Love, and this is a fact.

Healing is only a genuine true loving thought away. Why not begin right now and imaging that you are loved and that you are healed, forgive yourself and others and move on, to the brighter layers of existence, to become a light for everyone to see and feel. Love is the force and it is you.


Flemming Frederiksen

A Soul trying to keep steady by focusing on the love which is required at this particular point in time. Though it's hard, You are loved and all is progressing towards the goal! Learn and Grow!