I AM The Life by Dr Murdo MacDonald Bayne

By Dr. Murdo MacDonald-Bayne (link)

I feel it a great honour to be the bearer of this message to the world; but I do not claim any special privilege, nor do I claim any spiritual quality that makes me any different from my fellow men. For many years I have been an earnest worker and a student of the Inner Teachings, healing the sick and teaching what I knew of the truth all over the world, and I have met with a very large measure of success. For this I alone was not wholly responsible—as I now know—having been spiritually helped and guided throughout all these years of probation. It was not until one night when a mysterious Visitor appeared to me that I knew what my real mission was. He spoke thesewords: “I have been with you a long time but you knew it not. But now the time has come for me to make myself known to you. I will guide you to the Himalayas in Tibet, where you shall receive instructions for your real mission. Many are called but few are chosen; are you prepared to leave all and follow me? Fear not, for the world will rejoice—the Message you will bear will take away the confusion from the minds of the people; and those who will hear you are my people. I will be by your side and your strength shall not fail, for whom God has chosen He shall sustain.” Then he took his departure as silently as he had come.

From that time on I was directed step by step to the great Himalayas in Tibet; and there in the hidden recesses of the majestic snow-clad mountains, where the atmosphere is so clear and the vibrations so pure that heaven opens on to the earth, in that glorious state where heaven and earth are as one, I was instructed what to do and where to go. During my sojourn there I witnessed spiritual manifestations so wonderful that words utterly fail to describe them. Later I will present to the world, in book form,* details of these happenings—what I saw and heard, also my travels and experiences, with pictures of the way to the most inaccessible parts of the Great Tibetan Himalayas.I shall also reveal the joys and ecstasy of meeting daily with the Masters, whose love, sympathy and simplicity is the secret of their Mighty Power. For Love is God and God is Love. “For He so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son that they who harken unto Him will find eternal immortality.” When the Soul is ready the Master appears, and those who are ready will hear and know the Master’s voice proclaiming all nations one nation, all peoples one people, all life one life; one Tree with many branches, but the same Life in all: One in all and all in One.

I, myself, make no claim; I am just a voice in the wilderness calling to the sons and daughters of God to harken unto the Truth. For this I was told I was born.

Love and Peace be with you.


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