Edgar Cayce On Channeling Your Higher Self [AUDIOBOOK]

This audiobook explains all you need to know about how to channel your Higher Self - the Divine that dwells within you as a conscious, sentient being. Presented here is a practical method to tap into higher wisdom and creativity, courtesy of the teachings of Edgar Cayce, the most documented and accurate psychic in American history. "Learning that you, too, are a channel of spirit can be a means of spiritual awakening. The highest psychic realization, Cayce declared, is that God talks directly to human beings." - Edgar Cayce

What is Channeling? In its most general sense it's a means of transmission. The channel (i.e. the individual) receives and passes along information. Inspiration & creativity are aspects of channeling. Being able to elevate others to higher states of consciousness & bring out the best in people. Edgar Cayce's work is known as "classic channeled metaphysical literature".

We are all channels of Divine energy. It is transmitting something which is beyond one's personal self. A channel may be asleep, in a meditation, in a trance or awake while channeling. Note: the terms "channel" and "channeler" are interchangeable.

There are as many ways to channel as there are individuals that can channel. A channeler brings forth information that is not part of the channeler's own learning or experience.

(Narrated by: ALIO Voices)