Edgar Cayce On: Aliens -- Are We Alone?

I find this quite interesting and uplifting.

Previously I made extensive research in the Cayce archives and have read almost everything I could find, though this goes maybe 10-15 years back, and I simply moved on. In my humble opinion, there is a vast treasure of knowledge hidden in the Cayce material, so back we go.

I have had some mystical revelations that the Bible contains a lot of truth and is very accurate, if you know how to read it properly in the right context, and you can decipher the synchronicity which surrounds you, by keeping an open heart ready for action and a truthful eye of wisdom. The Creator is trying to reach you all the time and guide you to your best possible path. I now see that it requires a lot of experience to understand what the Bible is all about, hence other systems may be an initial steppingstone for you to reach new heights. All in all, it is all connected.

Keep in mind that you have to take the Cayce material with a grain of salt and see it for what it is. There is truth in there, though some of a very old origin. Things have changed, things are not static, changes and other ways out are introduced. Combine this with everything else and extract that which is relevant to your present situation and life.

From Edgar Cayce Arizona YouTube:

Man has long been fascinated with the prospect of alien life. From TV, movies, and literature, man has often wondered if there is life beyond that which we have here on earth. Steve Bobbitt presents the Edgar Cayce material relating to the possibility of alien life existing in our solar system or elsewhere.