Developing Healing Power: Awakening Higher Vibration (Jane Katra)

Jane Katra is my kind of girl, wow, what an open soul. I have tried to communicate these subjects which are presented here for the best part of my life and that is over 40 years of ridicule and sorrow, because it is very hard to get this message through the dull minds of people, and it really hurts not being able to tell them that they are loved and perfect as they are, that they have a large family on the other side who loves them deeply. Not to be able to heal someone is a hard nut to crack, especially if they "just knew" it would change everything in their life to the better. We can do something in the hidden, and that is just what we have to do, to heal the world from within.

This video is from 2011 and is of poor quality, though the content is of the highest caliber.