Deep History & Science of the GRAIL

To understand the science of the grail and what it really is, gives us an advantage in understanding consciousness and our place in the world.

In order to take advantage of the possibilities, to grow an aura, our consciousness, then we need to understand how it works and how we can use it.

I know that sometimes it is difficult to understand the language of science, but if you have a technical spiritual background everything falls into place quite rapidly. Once you have broken through, you will gain a huge amount of realized knowledge as everything falls into place in perfect order and harmony.

This is a confirmation for many, that they knew it all along, that their memory is intact and that they can trust the perfect order which surrounds them every day, also called "synchronicity" which happens when your mind manifests sharable knowledge.

I can testify that Dan is on the right track, because I completed the journey using natural means to achieve the bliss-state, then first after that I discovered Dan Winter's thorough deep explanation of what really happened everything fell into place. I was lost until I discovered the explanation given by Dan, really lost, not knowing what was going on, speculating my head off, asking myself; "Why could I see without my eyes?"- one thing is to theorize it, but it's a complete revelation when it actually happens.

I can now arrange my life so that it gets the best conditions for the future spiritual growth, as it should be. The body is a self-contained unit, which need curtain conditions and properties in order to function and grow, we just need to give it the right environment and it grows into a self-organizing unit with optimal health and a clear coherent peaceful optimistic intelligent mind, who actually sees life as it is.

Life is negentropic whether we know it or not, and we cannot change the world with our childish fantasies, we only stop progress this way as we need to understand the hard physics. When understood, we no longer walk in darkness and can take full control and responsibility for our personal life.

The science of the Grail is an important piece of the puzzle, and you will gain from it.

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