Cosmic Consciousness: Your Silent Partner by Dr. Murdo MacDonald Bayne

Existentialism Jan 10, 2021

This lecture really rocks as I cannot find any fault in its teachings, other than my own limited self, though I must say that Dr. Murdo really knows what he is talking about, it is realized knowledge and that is the meaning of the bible, to live it. If you understand the deeper meanings therein with your heart and soul then the language is universal and you do not need an explanation. Actually "I AM" is all you need :)

The fact is that the truth is found everywhere in these lectures but it would be helpful if you know about the Christ consciousness to really understand the solidity and truth which is presented here, you recognize it as the Truth deep inside yourself and it works immediately. It is like it is written for me personally, that the author knows me intimately, that he knows what I'm going through right now. The spiritual world, the real world, is pushing through the veil and shows Itself to me. I'm beginning to see deeper meanings in my surroundings and they reciprocate to me, I AM is manifesting Itself in anything I meet and see, the people I meet and what they say, comes back to me later on as an important piece in the puzzle of life, all in order for me to understand that it is me who is the I AM, it is me who has the Christ inside, I can understand and see, I can see the surrounding fall into order when I'm around, peace and harmony is replacing chaos and fear, it is in the small things that communication is commenting, but also mayor events are occurring, like to be able to see the inside and the outside of the person at the same time, or seeing beings from higher planes, all has been presented to me. Therefor I can recognize myself and my soul's essence in this text, it is me which is talked about and you too. The little self is confused but knows some of the truth, the higher self is emerging, removing that which is false and the true reality is shining through and that light is filled with understanding and realisation all in One. I am now sure that this "new state" is the reality and it is just beginning, or is it the end and I'm soon to become I again? IT IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE!

If you start to contemplate about the given lecture you'll find that it makes absolute sense in its outline and composition. You have to be totally honest with yourself and do not rely on your intellect, just use it as a tool to focus on the real meaning of the knowing. It would help a great deal if you have experienced it to understand it. I would say that it is essential to have been a witness of the state of the Christ because as it is very profound and true, at least the initial introductory states if we can call it that, but it is the same and it really is the One you really are, it is You merging with you, it is the meaning of Life, it is your Life. You really are the host of the Christ consciousness. Call it what you will, give It other names, it's all the same, some call it Krishna Consciousness, there is only One and it is so and it will not change.

The last step to perfection is to get rid of the last remnant of illusory conclusions caught up by the lower mind based on hearsay and intellectual madness. The Truth is here, right here, not there.

Set yourself free and accept the glory of life if you understand what's said here, nahh just do it. It is really as said; "if you have the ears to hear" as you really need the ears to hear and understand the deeper meaning told herein. Whenever you "hear" you "know" as it manifests as wisdom from deep within and you just know it's true, you recognize the truth, it is the answer to a lifelong question, it is the sum of all in a single moment, it is You who speaks to you, it is the Father who speaks to the Son, it is the only "I" there is, it is the real You who speaks. The knowing is You, which is the Life of All. You recognizes You in everything there is.

I can now see that the force of creation is working through us, it happens all by itself just or by consciously focusing love in a state of being, to accept the truth and the real cause of you is what makes you able to do these wonders, cannot wait until we once again can become witness to profound healing of masses of people, that the Masters once again wake up to their full potential.

Sometimes the entire world changes to something else, as in another state, another plane, the state of uncovered truth in action. It is not possible to put in a linear string of words which describes the process, it simply just IS in itself, outside time and illusion, it is much more clear and complete, it is the true I which is complete in Itself and really not located in space, time and illusion like our perceived reality. When you have been conscious outside time, in You/I AM, then you'll know that there is nothing to know, you are the thing you call creation, you are the embodiment of everything, both manifested and unmanifested, you just are You as you have always been. Time is a hassle, it really is, everything is real on the inside which is outside time. You have to know it to experience it.

I have also seen that flora reacts to this life-force and they grows more rapidly, or changes their appearance to something more healthy and profound, they become more resistant to cold and sickness, they become the best they can be. It is like that this uncovered life-force of love (truth) is what gives life and energy to everything, that it is the essence of life, the foundation and essens of truth. The more truth we realize the more power we have to share life energy, we actually have it all right now we just think we don't because we think we are separated, we think ourselves as masters and owners of the so called physical world, when in reality there is only one world, not two.

I also noticed that other beings can detect this state in me and often they turn and look at me just by me entering the same room as them, I guess that you need some kind of detector for this to happen, that you can recognize, or feel, the presence of something. You might say that the true person recognizes the other true person, based on the spiritual body, while the inhabitant just stare at each other, the life-essence recognizes the other life-essens on a much deeper level of being and they exchange love, wisdom and life-force, because they know each other just by their being, they are One and they share love. Nothing is hidden on the spiritual plane, we all know each other intimately as we just are another expression of the same being.

Everyday I come closer to the truth and I can feel it grows in me, that It forces Its way through me, but I also know that I block a lot of it, because I'm a little scared of what will become of me, that I will lose myself, which is of course rubbish. I also know of the state of unrestricted love in total knowledge and truth, that state is not depended on my ability to think or be something else, it does not require anything of me, as it is me. If we remove the control element and surrender to the truth, it will surely come forward and make itself known, but whenever you try to rationalize the experience with your limited capacity to understand through words, it simply fall away and you are back in the world of illusion and pain. We create our own hell on earth by not allowing the truth to come forward, the truth we all possess and which is all around us. We are living inside the truth and we must learn to realize that it is so, that everything is already here just a reach away in a perfect state created for us to use and enjoy.

Give up your false beliefs and simply just become yourself, listen to this great lecture and see if you can recognize anything in it. I recognize many things in this text and it has helped me tremendously. Now I am able to get further away from illusion and embrace my true self as I intended, finally I can claim that I have made another progress in my poorly understanding of life. We simply has to get out of the way of truth and love so that it can manifest in our personal universe, then we can see who we really are and our true purpose. Words don't cut it, experience is the only true aspect of your existence, try to let go and invite the truth to show itself, you'll be positively surprised that you already are the One that you are searching for, that all you need to do is to get out-of-the-way. Though beware, your life will be changed forever and the recovery from such an experience will last for the rest of your incarnation, you will become morrose and sad to be back into your illusory self and you simply don't know how to get back again, this is where your journey starts and mine started 30 years ago and it has taken me this long to find the shadow of the core, but at least I now know that it is within reach, that IT is ME.

And let me advice to you that you will not find it in religion, philosophy, new age, or in anything external, you need to find the core in you and become It, or realize that you are It, that you actually are the thing you have been looking for your entire miserable illusory existence as you are not the least what you have been thinking you to be, the illusory mental capacity that you have worked on for so long with study and education simply is not needed anymore and is simply in the way. What do you prefer? Your limited petty self-build self or the real thing? The small pieces of scattered knowledge that you have collected here and there or the entire endless ocean of concentrated knowledge and life? You see, it is all within reach if you understand, or maybe you don't even need an understanding because I realized it in the beginning and not in the end. It is really your heritage and you cannot avoid it, just delay it, I think.

It is here and has always been here, realize this and you are ready to accept who and what you really are. When you have done the work and your house is clean, the Master will appear and so it is. In my life the Master appeared but I got frightened, next time not. It is the truth and it is true, we live in a self constructed prison of illusion and fear, let break free shall we? Master please come once again and check if I'm ready :) - I don't think to be scared anymore, for I have removed the ghosts. I AM therefore I AM. Silly little me trying to make things complicated when it really is very simple, actually too simple for most, YOU ARE "I AM".

I do not claim to have any special abilities and what's not, I have no more or less than anyone else, I'm stupid as can be, but I have something that we all have and that is EVERYTHING and I think I finally found it. We are One and the same, see it so. The creation is perfect and is the same to all, it is everywhere and complet, can you accept it?

Now you have heard it, now you must act.

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The Masters’ Course


The Higher Power You Can Use



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This Course is written for the express purpose of leading you along the path of the Masters; freeing you from limitation and imitation in the world of forms, creeds, dogmas, ideas, theories, concepts, etc., that limit and confuse the mind, thereby distorting the Truth. You cannot discern or understand unless the mind is free and unlimited, for it is the Natural Intelligence that opens the way to the understanding of life. You cannot perceive the Truth because it is beyond your perception; what you perceive is only in your imagination, an idea, a sensation, an image; whereas Truth is none of these. But through the super-technique, as explained in this Course, there comes a supreme understanding. Then there is no more rushing here and there; there is no anxiety in case you cannot find the way; there is no more strife, striving to be something that you imagine you should be to ensure eternal life and all that goes with it; no more trying to force your mind to comprehend something that it cannot comprehend because it is beyond mind. You cannot search out something that is ever present: that is like trying to find yourself beside yourself; it is like running after your own shadow. The Inner Teachings of the Master Christ will be revealed: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Light.”

The Power of the Truth can only be established when we free our minds from all concepts and, preconceived ideas. The Truth will then set us free, and, although we live in the world of phenomena and shadows, we are not bound by it. “I am not of this world,” the Master said.

Ideas conceived in the Divine Mind come forth into expression in Form, and Form may be transformed through a change of consciousness in regard to it. This is the Law revealed by the Master.

The “I am” is the door through which the Consciousness, Intelligence and Substance of the Great “I AM,” which is God, comes forth into expression in Form through the individual. This “I AM” Being is Consciousness, Intelligence and Substance, and is given form through Consciousness. Consciousness is the Father, Intelligence is the Mother, and the Substance is the vehicle of expression, and the Divine expression is the Child—the Three in One. Consciousness is the Will which makes the mould and the Life Intelligence and Substance fill the mould. Consciousness directs, Intelligence fulfils the direction in the Substance, and Form comes forth; the Divine Perfect Image is expressed without effort. The Master said: “According to your faith so be it unto you.” This faith is in the Consciousness, in the Perfect Divine Image; fully comprehend this and you will know the Christ Power. All things are possible to them thatbelieve. You must grasp this fundamental principle, then these lessons will give you the understanding and use of the Christ Power, or the Power of the Masters.

You must separate yourself from all your external faculties, from your mind, from your body, because they are but instruments that you use. The Consciousness must analyse everything external to itself. When you say “I am,” realize that it is the Real. The “I am” enables you to move, think, act; and you are using your instruments as a means of expression.

The Substance of the Great “I AM” is the perfect Substance out of which all things are made, brought forth by Consciousness and

Intelligence in the Substance. This perfect Substance is the foundation of and supports all forms. In the Consciousness the Divine Idea exists; the Intelligence completes the Idea in detail, and the Idea is expressed in the Substance in all planes of manifestation, including the spiritual, mental, astral and physical planes, each being but a modification of the one above it. Substance having no power of its own, changes, fulfilling the expression of the Intelligence directed by the Consciousness. God is all there is—Consciousness, Intelligence and Substance. God is expressing Himself through the particular centre of Consciousness that you are. Everything is given form by consciousness—your consciousness is the Consciousness of God. It is the realization of this that enables you to say “I and the Father are one.”

Perfection is Reality: imperfection is not real. Reality always exists, and always has existed; please recognize this truth. Gaze upon it, and bring it forth. As your Divine Consciousness brings forth form in Substance so is the Intelligence within the Substance. There is only one God, and God is not divisible. There is one basic Substance and that Substance is indivisible. All things are created out of the Perfect Substance; therefore this Substance underlies all things.

I want you to grasp this Truth: all is Spirit. Out of Him Who is Spirit all things have been made. Spirit in its essence is perfect; the substance out of which your bodies and everything has been created is a perfect Substance, with perfect Intelligence. This Intelligence acts automatically and has the power of expression. The Consciousness is in this Great Intelligence and is the Will which causes Form to come forth. Consciousness, Intelligence, Substance are three in one; and out of the Three in One all things are created. Life is the combined action of Consciousness and Intelligence in Substance, and its motion is Love.

You may ask how does all the imperfection come about. Well, this Consciousness, this Intelligence, this Substance—Divine Mind—is that out of which all things have been created. All things are Mind; everything you see, however large or small, has come from the one Source. There is no other source it could come from.

The basic Substance in its essence is perfect and is the only reality of substance. This is the secret, and the Masters grasp the truth in its entirety. They act from Life; their words are Life, because they touch the Life that creates everything. Form of itself has no power of its own, neither does it claim any power of its own.

In the Infinite Consciousness of God is held the Perfect Image, therefore the Perfect Image is always in existence. The “I AM” in you is the point through which you contact this Divine Consciousness, and this Consciousness becomes, as it were, apparently an individual consciousness to each and every one, but it is not a separate consciousness.

When you think separation, and have accepted it, then you have separated yourself mentally from the one great Infinite Consciousness, but it is a false conception. The great Master said: “I and the Father are One.” He not only said it, He knew it; it was not a platitude; to Him it was an actual reality. When you recognize this mighty truth, the realization of it gives you control, and everything obeys you. The elements respond to your call, and form according to the image held with this understanding. When this state of consciousness is held, the idea or image held in the consciousness is produced by the Intelligence, and the work is done without effort, the Intelligence always fulfilling the direction of the Consciousness. We make a success of our life when we know this law and apply it with faith. We make a failure of our life when we do not know this law and let in fear and doubt which cause a vacillating action of the Intelligence—the Mother. But when in Divine meditation with a faithful consciousness, this Mother—Intelligence—does the work perfectly and changes the whole nature automatically.

Why is it possible for one person to do what another person cannot do? Because the one realizes and recognizes it possible and the other does not. When you realize that there is only one Consciousness, one Intelligence, one Substance (God Infinite), and that you are an expression of God Infinite, you can say: “I and the Father are one”—in body, in mind, in spirit. But when you accept separation, you usurp the authority of the great “I AM”—God. When you usurp that authority you begin thinking imperfectly, and, by that same “I AM” within you, you bring forth that which is not perfect. How is it possible to bring forth that which is perfect? Allow God, with His Perfect Intelligence, to work through you. The simplicity of it is so great that it over-whelms us. Aspiration is the method you must use to begin with, then you become filled with Divine Love, Wisdom and Power which act together in perfect harmony, and growth becomes as natural as that of the flowers.

In cases of healing, different people require different methods. One requires mud, one requires water, and another only the spoken word, according to their unfoldment. I have healed people without saying a single word to them. I have affirmed all is Spirit. “God is perfect, therefore allow God who is perfect to be made manifest now”—and the person has become perfectly well. The perfect expression of God within dispersed that which was false. The Real always exists. The false is only a concept, an idea, while the Truth is none of these. It is and that which is, is perfect.

Christ knew the secret of healing intensely; also He knew that if two agree upon the same thing, so it is unto them that believe. That is why He asked: “Do you believe?” Yes, well according to your belief so shall it be unto you. Why? Because the Consciousness, Intelligence and Substance of God is perfect and is your foundation. When you recognize this truth you dismiss everything else; all negative thoughts, all inferior and imperfect conditions are lies and have no existence in Reality.

God is immovable, unlimited, unchangeable. The “I AM” within you never changes, it is always the same, but the external form changes because it is relative. Yet the Substance which; is the basis of the form is a Perfect Substance. Relative things are not realities. Therefore I want you to recognize that Reality exists everywhere, and is the basis and the essence of everything. If the external form seems to you imperfect, the Substance and basis of it all is perfect. You have heard of miracles, yet they are nothing more than the perfect action of a Perfect Law that exists eternally and is omnipresent: present everywhere always.

To realize that the Perfect is, enables it to manifest. Allow the “God Intelligence” to manifest through your mind, through your body, through your affairs. That does not mean that you are not to do anything; it means that you begin to think and act with God until such time as your thoughts and works become God’s, until such time as you do not utter a word that is not of God. Remain silent under all circumstances unless you can give Divine counsel is the ruling of the Masters.

By your own consciousness, by your spoken word, you have created form. And you speak words so lightly! You allow your imagination to run rampant, you create with your own consciousness forms that are imperfect. Realize that there is a perfect consciousness within you and a perfect substance in use. It does not require to be made perfect; the Perfect cannot be made more Perfect. “Then be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.” What you “gaze” upon, you bring forth. When you realize your oneness with the Father you are one with Him, unlimited and free, and there is no power external to yourself greater than the Power within you.

Spiritualize your mind and body with this Supreme Consciousness, allow it to permeate your mind and body as it was with the Master Jesus. Many people wonder why His physical body disappeared—His Body was raised to such a rate of vibration that when the Consciousness holding it together left it, the atoms were not attracted by the vibrations of the earth, but were absorbed into a higher state; they did not belong to the earth because He raised them beyond the vibration of the earth. The same law applied to Moses and Elijah. The same law exists today. God the Manifestor and His Manifestation are one, always have been and always will be. It is of this you must be conscious.

If you take a piece of earth substance up into the atmosphere and drop it, it will fall to the ground. It falls to the ground because here you have a small piece of “matter” that is vibratingat the same rate of vibration as a larger piece of: “matter” which is attracting it. They fly together because of the law of attraction. The inherent attraction is the vibration in the material, and that attraction is in the ether. Vibration is energy, and it is this energy or vibration that attracts. According to the rate of vibration, so is the attraction. When you have raised the vibration of a piece of matter to the vibration of its atomic rate, it would pass into atmosphere because of this law of attraction. The invisible Substance is the Perfect Substance out of which all is created. Christ raised His body to that rate. Hence Christ’s body is our body, His Spirit our spirit, and His Life our life: which is all God’s—all in all. Christ manifested His God Power as we can do if we believe as He did.

This is the law—this is how the body of the Master disappeared; and when He met His disciples afterwards, He did not meet them in the physical garment but in the resurrection body. He passed through the doors and appeared to them. As He raised His physical body to its atomic state, so He could attract by the power of His will atoms of ether, reduce the vibration, and the physical appeared. Matter is ether modified.

There is soon coming a period when certain laws will be in operation which will supersede the existing laws. Although these laws have always existed, man has not raised his consciousness sufficiently to contact them.

When Christ went up the Mount, Moses and Elijah visited Him and told Him what was forthcoming. Similar things happen today, and during my visit to the Himalayas I spoke to many of the Great Intelligences, because there the opportunities and facilities exist. Even in the West I have had wonderful experiences. Since my sojourn with the Masters of the East I am convinced more than ever of the truth of Christ’s teachings. But how few can read them with understanding, even those who profess Him.

There is the invisible influence with you always, directing you. You will find that you will get a better understanding by trusting it. The world may be affected by wars, storms and earthquakes, but that is not to say it will not end in good. Some people say that civilization shall be destroyed. That is not so. A civilization shall arise and the Truth will be made known to mankind. The physical form of many may be destroyed, but not the consciousness, nor the substance, nor the resurrection body, for they will be intact. This is what the Master showed. The “you”—the real You—is the eternal Reality, the Manifestor in the Manifestation.

Just as the resurrection body was visible to the disciples, so shall the resurrection body be visible to the forthcoming civilization. And the so-called dead, who are living, will mingle with the so-called living, who are dead. Why are they dead? They are dead to the truth that life exists eternally, that consciousness exists forever—they are dead to themselves. But it is a false concept, and has no foundation in truth. “I am the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I am the Father of the Living, not the Dead.” Jesus made this so plain to His disciples; and it is the same today as it was yesterday, and will be the same tomorrow.

As the evolutionary process of the great human family progresses, so the various senses that are at present dormant will come to life. When this body is more spiritualized the “I AM,” which is the Consciousness in the Substance, will bring them forth, for they are already there. Spirit is all. Then you will see the so-called dead.

Some scientists would like you to believe that the universe is running down like a clock: who wound it up? They have started at the wrong end. Perpetual motion has always existed. God is perpetual motion.

Has everything a beginning? Everything relative has a beginning, but the Reality never had a beginning. A relative thing has a beginning and will have an ending, but how could God have a beginning? How could the Infinite have a beginning? If the Infinite had a beginning, there would have to be a greater Infinite to have created it, and so back and back, ad infinitum. Then God would be relative, and your existence in God would be relative. But your existence in God is not relative; it is eternal. Your existence on this plane is relative. All relative things are changeable phenomena; Divine Consciousness is the only eternal reality. It is necessary then that we should realize and recognize it in this life.

The human brain cannot comprehend the immensity of the Infinite, and never will, because if the human brain could comprehend the Infinite, the Infinite would become human, and therefore would be relative. The “truth” that you can perceive is only in your imagination, an idea, a sensation, whereas Truth is none of these things. It is useless trying to force your mind to comprehend something that is beyond it. Life is. It does not have to be—IT IS. You are it, yet you cannot comprehend it with your mind, but only know that you are. Live in faith, believing, knowing. Let wisdom and love guide you; listen deeper in your soul, and wait, not anxiously but with faith.

You have the power of reason, but your reasoning power is unable to grasp the whole truth. Yet the Truth does not run contrary to your reason, but goes beyond it. All great men and women recognize this fact. They see things beyond their reason. Whenever you limit Truth, you limit yourself. Great men and women see no limit. These things do not go contrary to your reason; then do not limit them by your reason.

Trying to find your real Self outside yourself is like trying to catch your own shadow. Be still, know your real Self to be yourself, and you will find that Self.

You cannot define Reality; there is nothing in or out of mind to compare it with. It is beyond all things seen or heard. Let your self-consciousness be expansive; be aware of it as the whole, and the “I” loses itself—the “I” no longer arises. Then the true Intelligence

transforms the nature and a spiritual world is seen before your eyes. The King and his Kingdom become one, doubt and fear disappear. The nature is transformed without effort. Yet there must be continued effort to be expansive. Freed from limitation and illusion, a constant awareness must be held lest limitation enter in. When this complete living is established you will move with faith. Love, wisdom and power are expressed as one and are as natural as the breath of life. You are “King Life,” free. How glorious is the freedom of Life—Truth.

Most people try to comprehend the Truth with a background of ideas caught up from Christianity with its changing interpretations. When tne theory is worn out a new one is created. One time it is hell and brimstone and the devil, and later this is modified and then cast aside altogether and something else takes its place—and so on, from one thing to another. Or the background is Hinduism or Buddhism with their many gods and demi-gods and incantations; or Theosophy, where the intellect is filled with so many ideas that the mind becomes confused. In trying to comprehend the Truth with this background, the reaction generally creates a conflict in the mind because of preconceived ideas; people try to make Truth conform to these ideas, and they judge everything on what they already believe to be true. These beliefs are only ideas—images in the mind—and must remain as such, but Truth is none of these. It is beyond mind; greater than all creation; yet you are one with it.

The majority pattern their lives after what they have heard or read or believed, and say: “This is the Truth.’ Others do the same, and say: “No, this is the Truth.” Now where can there be truth where there is confusion of thought? The whole thing is wrapped up in ideas and theories, and none of them is the Truth. Truth is Life—are you trying to find it in some system, philosophy or creed? If so, your conception of Truth is but a continual movement from one illusion to another illusion in the world of form and phenomena. Even a sinner and a saint are but illusions, the one only higher than the other in the world of illusion.

Your cravings lead you from one illusion to another. You want to be something that will ensure your place in the eternal, so the craving leads you from one teacher to another teacher, or from one system to another system, and what you find is only form and phenomena, or the action of life—not life itself. This goes on, and at each stage a pause is made; there is a feeling of satisfaction, you think you have found the Truth, but only for a moment does this state exist. Shortly the hunt begins again with renewed effort along the path of illusion. Again I say, if you try to find the Truth in the world of form and phenomena you will fail. Know that you are the Truth. It is freedom from all illusion you are really seeking. Know the world of illusion for what it is; do not be deceived by it, thinking it is Reality itself. It is but the form expressed in Substance.

When Jesus was teaching His disciples of the Father, Philip asked, “Master, show us the Father.” The Master replied, “Philip, have I been with you this long while and you know not what I say to you? When you have seen Me, you have seen the Father. I and the Father are one”—meaning the life and expression in form, not the form itself. The cause being not seen is not recognized, yet it is the Reality. On another occasion He said, “What is it you have come out to see, a man?”—meaning, cannot you see behind the form and there find Reality? The outer man is nothing, it is the power behind him that is real—“I of myself am nothing, it is the Spirit of the Father within me that doeth the work.”

Oh, my beloved one, know the life to be yourself. In this is the ecstasy of the eternal immortality. This everlasting Reality can only be understood in the fullness of the Present, not in some distant future which is but a passing fantasy. Reality cannot be imagined or fancied; that which can be explained is not Truth. The joy and freedom of Truth is spontaneous, it comes naturally, without effort, without introspection. It is the ever new joy, being perfect joy itself. It is sweet and silent in the completeness of your daily living. Living, acting spontaneously, is as natural as the breath of life. To understand this completeness there must be non-attachment to ideas, beliefs, the past or future, for when you pattern your life on these there is fear and conflict, which destroy true understanding, and you are held within the walls of a prison you yourself create.

In the world of illusion, which includes creeds, dogmas, etc., you become irresponsible—on the one hand you give up yourself to authority, you lose your individuality, you allow others to do your thinking for you spiritually; and on the other hand you become like a wild beast fighting for your welfare and existence. To know Reality you must be entirely free in mind and heart from all authority, limitation and imitation, from all cravings both spiritual and material. You must strip yourself naked spiritually, mentally and materially—empty your mind and heart. If you look into them you will find inherited theories of right and wrong. What is spiritual and what is not spiritual? The heart may be so filled with religion that there is no room for love, and the mind so filled with theories that there is no room for Truth. Truth is. It does not have to be. What is necessary is an effort to keep the mind and heart free so that Truth and Love can manifest. They do when we free ourselves from concepts, theories, cravings, imitation and limitation. The Truth—Life—is free and natural, and manifests itself without our personal effort.

Consciousness and Intelligence co-ordinating are one in the Life which organizes the Substance; and according to the image held in the Consciousness so is the form created. Life itself being perfect in itself is expressing itself. When we realize our oneness with the Father—Consciousness, Intelligence and Substance—the Manifestor and the Manifestation become one. One is real while the other is relative and changeable; but every change is dominated by a Perfect Love. The Perfect will be established by its own power when we allow Love to dominate every act, word and thought, with our minds free for the complete expansion of ourselves in God. How inadequate are words in expressing the eternal reality of glorious Life. Live it fully and freely—then you will know it.


Flemming Frederiksen

A Soul trying to keep steady by focusing on the love which is required at this particular point in time. Though it's hard, You are loved and all is progressing towards the goal! Learn and Grow!