ABC Of Truth 35 Lessons In New Thought by Brown Landone (Unabridged Audiobook)

Truth Mar 19, 2021

I cannot tell you how much these 35 truths enriches my inner core, my Soul, the depth of who I AM. This tiny speck is more powerful than you and I can ever imagine, let us see that it is so.

I truly love you all and that is the truth, whenever you suffer I suffer, so stop suffering and learn how to overcome the darkness of the world. Let us rejoice in the truth of wisdom and learn how to overcome the darkness we observe in our present state of humanity on earth. Endorse your mind in these truths and raise your vibration.

Brown Landone really gives what he has and that is love and good intentions, whatever we can give? This text and voice really give me a boost that calms my mind and enriches my soul. It's easy and hard, it is impossible and possible, it is all up to you.

Let this enrich yourself and let yourself live, listen and grow, forget the miseries of a closed-minded life, embrace the power of You as You are the power. There is only one way and let us flow into that way, let yourself flow down the stream and trust that you will be saved.

Remember that I truly love you with all of my capacity. Give me more strength, so I can love you more, and more, and more.

I give the word to Mr. Landon. Rejoice.

Remarks: A deep thank you to Brian Scott, the voice of clearance. A true humble Wanderer who has it all but do not believe it to be so. You have it Brian, you and I are one, we are all the One we try to seek, and you help many to see that.

Let us love each other and rejoice, don't bow down to anyone and do not fear. If not now, or later, we will all become and stand in the Light of our Father, let it be so and let it become what and who we are, the One and only Creator. Maybe you do not see it so, but we are the Light we seek.

I love You! Let's shine.


Flemming Frederiksen

A Soul trying to keep steady by focusing on the love which is required at this particular point in time. Though it's hard, You are loved and all is progressing towards the goal! Learn and Grow!