600 Images - The Anomalous Old World. “ARTWORK” Sculptures, Engravings, Paintings, Antiquitech

Old World May 29, 2023

Howdy y’all. Today we’re going to be looking though my collection of anomalous old world artwork. For this compilation I’ve included roughly 600 unique images for you. In the Old World, or rather, before the year 1900, the things that entertained the masses were Photography, Live Music and Performance, and in the greater scope of things, Artwork.

We will browse through sculptures, statues, monuments, murals, paintings, engravings, antiquitech on architecture, and much more. This video is meant as a resource, not only for you to save and share these full size images, but also as a place for me to share the photographs of artwork which stood out to me the most, and did not have a secure spot in any of my other videos.

We will browse artwork from many kingdoms throughout the four corners of the earth. Can we see the similarities in these photographs?


Flemming Frederiksen

Love, Light, Forgiveness, Research, Progress, Truth and Wisdom.